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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A is for An*tai*na, B is for Baby Shower..

This past week I've been preparing for my sister Cedelia's baby shower, which was on Saturday.

It was pretty nerve-wrecking, at least trying to get other people to do what they gotta do, or talking with people over it. I really wanted to slap people LOL

We had a month to get the backyard done... and yesterday it was still pretty much a mess. I have pictures but I figure I'll just put them up when there's an actual before and after thing. Then I had to hear from whiny people, e.x.: my sister's friend, who wanted to whine about how it was a health hazard, and blahblahblah how she not trying to move nothing before she breaks her leg.

Like really? All that needed to be done was these wooden platforms to be removed, for the ground to be de-weeded and put down fresh grass. If you're really that much of a klutz to really think that you'll hurt yourself, then keep yourself to making the food. Don't give me your opinion.

On Friday I spent quite a bit of money on decorations, but hardly anything I bought was really used, and luckily I still have the receipt, so best believe I will be taking this stuff and getting some of my money back = w= Afterwards I went to see Mei, who was getting off of work, and then much later on I met up with Usagi and briefly met M0m0ko for the first time, then went home and spent the night making some of the decorations.

In any case, despite the b.s., the party was mainly inside. The weather was good, not too hot, tiny bit of drizzle here and there but otherwise it was good. Whatever small area outside that was cleared out was taken up by people who wanted to talk or smoke away from the loudness of the music and whatnot. Decor-wise, nothing much was done (I got garland, and made those tissue paper pompoms) since the space was small and it was pretty much gonna be a ghetto party (seriously booze at a baby shower? though my sis wasn't the one drinking, her fiance was... and so was I at the end LOL) and it was whatever. I was helping setup decorations and food, and serving the food and whatnot The food was good, the cake was good, it was good seeing people, I can't say anything about the presents because I was knocked out in Cedelia's bed before 9pm LOL

Didn't get home till 2am, greeted by the bullshit West Indian music from across the street.

You know those annoying West Indian people who have stereos and shit BLASTING music off their porch almost everyday? Same shit music, same TRACKS, for 8+ hours until the wee hours of the morning? Yes, those type of neighbors.

I was so exhausted from the baby shower that I couldn't take these people anymore. Why am I hearing your music from 2+ blocks away?? Like REALLY?

So I filed a noise complaint report. I hope and pray that the NYPD actually investigates and fine them and that they won't blast that stupid shit past 11:30pm ever again... though I doubt it, but I'll continue to call until they stop their shit. srsly

I woke up late, missed church... :/ I was really looking forward to it too, as well as being able to spend time with my... err... "potential significant other". Oh well, next time

Upside other than food and cake from the pawty? My An*tai*na group order came in this week, got my shoes, and wore loli to the party for International Lolita Day. No pictures, but felt like a boss. I'll be doing a review on my shoes and the service again in the next post.

This week I have a buttload of doctor appointments, I'm just hoping that my health insurance is back on and that I can use it, my first appointment is tomorrow. I have to call them in the morning to see e_e


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