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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Additions

Monday I had went to the BGICT because Doug said there'd be a special surprise:

Fortunately I just wore my MAR*S bow xD The weather was too meh, my hair was definitely a no-fly zone, so I decided not to do loli. Sported my sundress, my MAR*S bow, simple and cute - w-

The special surprise was Anthony Bourdain.

(Hurr, look at me with the tard bow in front of him)

You know I didn't know this dude xDDD;

He's an American chef/author/TV Personality apparently, having had his own shows 'Kitchen Confidential', 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations', and appeared on Top Chef and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman, among his many books and accomplishments.

Maybe I should be watching food shows more often.

Anyways, apparently they were filming for a new show series, I forgot what it was going to be called, just that the episode being filmed was basically him going to places that he'd choose if he was in NYC for 24 hours. I think it's gonna be on the Discovery channel. Anyways, I know BGICT will announce when the episode's gonna air.

Since I was in front of him, I got my ice cream before him = w=

Doug: What can I do for you, sweety ;3
Me: I'm broke. What can you give me xD

Doug whipped me up a deluxe Bea Arthur (deluxe being in the waffle coneeee :3) BADASS. It was my first time having it, it was good, though honestly I love my quirky tasting ice creams over a seemingly-simple ice cream with nutella, dulce de leche and graham cracker topping. Next time I'll probably try the Gobbler, since Monday Sundae is kind of similar to the Bea Arthur.

When I got my cone and started walking away, I got stopped by one of the camera crew, who asked me to basically stand behind Anthony and eat my ice cream, since I didn't really know him, but I was visually appealing with mah bow and stuff xD So I signed a model release form and assumed my position in the background, this bright, pink negro behind him absent-mindedly nomming on some ice cream xDD

Hoping that I was actually angled right so they could see my bow, and now just durp and me being a fat ass.

Anyways, after that I went right back into Brooklyn, to visit my new niece Ashanti who just got home ♥


She got her dad's nose, our grandfather's eyes, and Cedelia's lips and light skin (is it bad I'm hoping she gets darker though? I'm tired of all these yellow folks in my family xD)

Her mommy changing her. I'm honestly surprised that Cedelia wasn't as exhausted as I thought she'd be. xD She was pretty normal, besides backaches and cramps and whatnot.

She don't like being changed. lolo

We all know she's gonna act like a diva - w- I have a feeling me and her is gonna be going at it in the future lol.



Amani said...


Anyway-- lololol at the Anthony Bourdain part. I only know who he is as my freshman roommate at uni was a travel and food channel addict. xD  (Also because my celeb hubby, Bradley Cooper, was in Kitchen Confidential.)

But awesome~! I'll look out for that episode with you in it. C:<

And your new niece! <33 So cute!  (P.S. Dude, I was born paalleee-- like, Asian baby pale-- like my dad, and look how dark I got. ;P )

You... have had a full summer so far, eh?

Amani said...

It'd be an epic summer so far if only I had a J-O-B~ though I went to an open house for ZARA the other day, I hope I get called back. But in the meantime, my current plans? --> Pastor's wife's birthday next weekend, Harry Potter premiere + movie after that (need to get my school uni together  - w-) andddd hopefully new circle lenses thru circlelensaddiction if I have enough money left over  x3

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