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Monday, July 18, 2011

EOS King Green review~ + new lens purchases + Another Giveaway

FINALLY recorded this review, I don't know why it took so damn long, especially since these are my favorite lenses (laziness).


EOS King/ Candydoll (G-202) in Green

Design: 10/10 (color is vibrant, unlike say, GEO Nudys the natural eye color does not show through the lens, black ring gives a nice pop but one of the more toned down dolly eye looks)
Comfort: 10/10 (can stay in my eye for more than 8 hours without feeling uncomfortable, can't feel them at all)
Enlargement: 10/10 (gives the pop I want and desire~ not too big, not too small, just right~)

Also, just finally ORDERED lenses in a UK Preorder, which I'm praying will get here before September, at latest before New York Comic-Con. At first the pre-order was gonna be done by yesterday the 17th, but now it's being extended to July 30th, because apparently EOS is on a vacation until the 29th or so. So if you want to join~ the website is http://circlelensaddiction.weebly.com .

(Photo cred: 1st Kiara, 2nd Michi, 3rd is of Sakurina, and 4th Chantal)

The lenses I'm gonna get in this batch are:

- G-202 aka King/Candydolls in Green again (because these I have are technically considered 'expired' since last month... oops?) as well as in BROWN

- G-218 aka the Diamond/Crystal Diamonds in Grey and in Green

-The Adult series (J-203) in Red

And hopefully I'll be able to get them all in my prescription!

I decided to work with this girl because honestly? Her prices are the cheapest. Sure, the wait can be 1-2+ months depending on circumstances, but honestly for the price I'll be willing to wait. The only reason why I have expectations for when it arrives is because of my cosplay that I'm hoping to do for New York Comic Con/Anime Fest in the middle of October.

Normally her lenses are $16, but as you buy more she has other promotions, e.x. buy one get 2nd 25% off, buy 2 get %50, and if you buy 5 pairs or more the lenses will be ONLY $11. Isn't that amazing? Plus at the moment the shipping is flat-rate for only $5. So if you wanted to try a bunch of EOS lenses, if you're interested or got friends interested in doing a possible group order to save money, I highly suggest you do so.

Also~ need to note the recent giveaway I entered~

My friend Chantal is giving away a pair of plano Gossip Browns/Candy Hana 3tone Brown on her blog~ and there's nothing long or complicated in order to enter (like most giveaways these days~ LOL). I love Chantal, I've known her from my days on Gaiaonline where she admins the Official Circle Lens Thread. She's extremely helpful and I always go to her when I'm either choosing lenses, or when I've plucked my eye out but don't want to go to the hospital. LOL

Just click the picture to go to her giveaway post~ And Good luck!

edit~ 6/19/2012: a more recent, clearer picture of the lenses~


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