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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Epic Haul~ FromJapan + TaobaoSpree

Now, I know some going-out posts are due, speaking that I haven't updated on my life since Easter... but I just had to share this huge haul of junk I just got in the mail this weekend xD

Now, I made my review from FromJapan previously in this post, I was relieved to find that despite the amount of clothing I bought the shipping was a bit cheaper to my last 3 mag + 1 jsk order. Book's weight are a b, for real. (Or maybe it has to do with all the individual shipping.. I don't know). I also prepared myself time-wise so I wouldn't be caught struggling paying for it and then living on with short cash for however long.

I managed to buy all of these goods from a single secondhand shop site. Including my most wanted item...

I've wanted this D.I.A. hooded one-piece (or something similar in that color!) for a LONG time after seeing someone like Yumachi or Mipochi or someone rock that color. When my friend Shaka showed me the site it was at like 3990 yen at first, which I was kind of reluctant on since I'm super cheap, but then it went on sale for -990- yen. I could not resist myself. I heard the angels of heaven prompting me to get this onepiece and I just had to.

lol dat engrish

Everything else was very cheap too. Amazing amazing amazing.

These two are my next two favorite buys out of this package. The vest I believe is real suede leather * w* it just feels so smooth in my hands and it's not thin or cheap or flimsy or anything, ahhhh

And the chiffon top... is the softest, most fluid top I've ever seen. It's not some crappy sheer material either, it's actually layered with lining and everything, but yet it flows so well and it's so light ; w;

Just look at that...

Some Deary/Yumentebo goods I managed to snatch up. They're both really cute ; w; I'm glad I was able to snatch them up, especially for the price I got them for!

I am selling the red DreamV top though, and the fuchsia hoodie because eh, they were more impulses and the hoodie doesn't quite fit me. The hoodie is from a brand called "Passion Girl" and a size M. I'll update my sales page later!


Now as far as TaobaoSpree, it's been a while since I directly bought from them. My first agent Lucy had since left the company, so now Candy is my new TBS agent. After dealing with other people like Doris who was a major derp :/ Candy is just as reliable as Lucy was and I'm so sticking to her for a long while. She is well-spoken, she replies quickly, AND sometimes on weekends when TBS is supposed to be closed. One of TaobaoSpree's best agents I have dealt with so far.

Originally I was going to order through Taobao English, aka chinabuyagency.com, but I was turned off by their tendency to tell people things were 'sold out', when in fact they were made-to-order or reserved items. Apparently some things were missing out of my friend's group order that she did so I ended up not going through them, and I'm glad I did. Some of the things that were supposedly 'sold out' Candy was able to order, or she was able to actually TELL ME the waiting period of the items and things like that. When I tried to ask Taobao English, they just told me it was 'sold out' when I questioned the fact that so many of my wanted items were sold out without the page saying so.

In any case I was able to get most of what I wanted, which I was very satisfied with - u- Even more so that it all came in time for the start of hanami season! Imagine all the spring-y fun photoshoots that are gonna come out of this~

These two I actually got through my friend's group order~

Princess Melody (?) fuzzy hooded cape~ 

MA*RS (?) top

 And then the rest were from TaobaoSpree..

This came from the same shop as the two above, I do plan to make an -actual- store review of that Taobao store! Mainly because I believe that their things are from the actual factory that makes the actual MA*RS/Princess Melody items, so either unmarked and same-factory, or factory rejects. I'll explain why later.

 I finally got myself a Candy Sugar schoolbag, from one of the many taobaos that sells the merch from the same factory. This is actually their smaller shoulder bag, unlike the full-size bag like my friend Mei used to have, so I was kind of sad, but that's because the full-size were sold out. At some point I'll get the full-size bag... someday... x3

 More school things! I've been wanting to buy school stuff for almost two years now, and I finally got along to doing it xD I got them from angelpaopao.taobao.com I believe. The quality is really good and I definitely plan to order more things through them again!

Galaxy Shirt.

These boots... these are actually OTK boots that I've seen on ebay for the longest time and I finally got my hands on them! In my size! In the past when I saw them on ebay they never had them in my size, PLUS the sellers were trying to sell them for maybe 30 bucks. The store I got them from only sold them for around 9-10 dollars. I was able to custom-size them to my US 10 foot, I forget if there was any extra cost, but I don't think so. You don't know how happy I got these. Especially a black pair AND a brown pair. The 'chestnut'ish color has been in style since the beginning of this year and now I don't have to look for a pair of brown OTKs locally.

As far as support and stuff it's kind of hard because of my messed-up joints, but they are like 2 inch heels so it helps a great deal. I can't wait to wear them out!

A couple of these stores I really want to do specific reviews on, but that won't come until I buy a couple of more things from them. But I loooove everything. 
Now the only problem is.... finding a place to put them. My drawers are completely full.


Amani said...

Which second hand shop did you buy your stuff from? So cute!!!

Amani said...

Wow that's a lot! I really like the first three items the most, would love to see outfit pictures! ^w^

Amani said...

JellY! :) <3 Nice gets!

Amani said...

It's called wanboo.jp, you'll need to use a shopping service to order from them!

Amani said...

You know it! I have a couple of really cute shorts and things that I have on layaway in random stores that are gonna look so cute with some of this stuff when ti gets warmer * w*

Amani said...

thank you so much. I am going to subscribe to you. I have been interested in the hime gyaru style for a while now though. Nice seeing a gyaru of color. ^_^

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