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Friday, April 5, 2013

March Get~!

Bought a couple of things during March~  mainly a lot of discounted stuff o:

Fur collar from H&M~ it's kind of like a candyfloss or a platnium kind of pink~

April Ageha~ This month came with a Liz Lisa mirror. It's pretty cute!

I found this blush/bronzer duo stick in Victoria's Secret... I was pretty curious about the color, so I bought it~
When it comes to 'generic' colors I tend to be a bit weary since it's not really meant for darker skin tones.
But then I took a swatch test, and used it with my regular makeup...

This is a swatch without blending, below is an example with blending...

I was pleasantly surprised with how much both appeared on my skin~
Now I use the blush as a base before I apply my powder blushes. It helps my blush last, no matter the color. Usually blush disappears halfway through the day, but with this stick it lasts much longer!

As far as the bronzer side... it's pretty obvious that it's way too light for my skin, haha. But it's still pretty good as a highlighter~ so I use it when I can't find my Benefit stick, or for spots like my forehead and stuff. It does it's job~

While I was at it, I also got this blush. The color is "Fresh Love". It's a pretty nice coral-shade and I wanted to see how it would show up on me... with the blush/bronzer stick, this blush looks pretty damn awesome. No regrets with this purchase!

This shadow purchase was kind of impulseish, during the Secret Rewards period. It's "Iced", a pretty nice silver-white color, but I don't know how much I'll actually use it... not sure if I can return it either.

I had a coupon for a free body spray~ decided to get Strawberries & Champagne... it was one of my favorites from when I used to work for VS.

The two lenses I got from Shara! One of them being the EOS G-204s, the other G-210s, both in grey. Planning to give these away in future giveaways~

The pair of shorts I bought for my Kyary concert outfit next week~
One thing I love about stores like Strawberry's and Rainbow's is that an awful lot of the bottoms-products they stock are made for my shape, and are nice and stretchy but durable. I got these and then I just put another pair that are lime-ish colored on layaway :3~

A lot of these things make me anxious for the summer! I can't wait for hot temperatures, warm bright sun and ice cream everywhere xD


Amani said...

Where do you get your Ageha from? I've been looking for a place online that sells them new, with bonus items that come with them, that don't also charge 3x the regular price + shipping -_-

Amani said...

I'm a new reader of your blog! ∵ゞ(´ε`●)
Your pictures are very cute! I like your style!
Please keep on blogging!
If you want, please check out my blog, and follow each other? :)
-> http://lovely-gyaru-fashion.blogspot.de/
I made a new post about my Japan trip!(=◕ ε ◕=) 9

or follow on Bloglovin because Google Reader will STOP on the 1st july 2013 :(

Thank you and have a nice weekend!(๑╹◡╹๑ )

ps. followed on bloglovin also :)

Amani said...

I get all of my Ageha magazines from either Kinokuniya, or Book-Off in NYC. If you live in the US you can always contact them and see if they can send you an issue! Kinokuniya only sells it for about $15 after tax. I never looked at the usual online prices and I'm afraid to xD

You can e-mail kinos either at their main online store address bookwebusa@kinokuniya.com about a custom order or something, or the NYC store e-mail which is nyinfo@kinokuniya.com.
You can also always call them up by phone but from experience it's kind of difficult because a lot of the workers are sort of engrishy xD It's a 50-50 chance you won't get too far with that.

Amani said...

Thank you for the follow!

Is Google Reader really gonna go down? e_e I remember they were supposed to shut down like... a year ago... and it never quite happened lololo

Amani said...

That fur collar is just so cute!! I need to buy one

Amani said...

Boo I live in Canada. I usually buy a bunch when I visit Vancouver or Seattle but that isn't very often so I usually only get my Japanese magazine fix once a year, maybe twice if I'm lucky haha.

Amani said...

Well you can always try and see how much it would cost~! wouldnt hurt

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