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Friday, April 26, 2013

Meet my new baby....♥

My grandfather helped me purchase my new Canon Powershot ELPH 115 IS~ ♥
(along with a TB external harddive but we're not gonna talk about that- not as exciting. LOL)

Taken with my soon-to-be-neglected Powershot SD1300 IS. If it was alive I'm sure it'd be jealous and hurt that I left it for it's sexier cousin. 

Comparison between the new and the old~ I couldn't turn the 115 on yet since the battery was still charging.

Specs-wise they're not too different, they both have the same processor, however the ELPH 115 IS has 16mp compared to SD1300's 12.1. Also the zoom is better and a couple of other details. Also more program functions,  it has a better sense of auto-mode adjusting~ it will level out lighting and colors better than the old one did.

I had to try it out~ and when I did I pretty much cried real tears. I love this camera.

This is the old VIDEO quality vs. the new. 

I -had- an actual eyemakeup tutorial in the process of editing, but now I want to do it all over with the new camera. LOL So it might be a little bit longer before you actually see that video xDD
sorry not sorry ♥


Amani said...

That camera is FANTASTIC!!

Amani said...

Hah! Really? I guess I don't follow too many vloggers then xD Most of my subscriptions list have DSLRs I think! But then again they're like the pro-pro people xD But I'm so glad I got this one

Amani said...

YES. And I've been testing it with the focus and everything and sjkadbsdsba the video has auto-focus while it films xDDD I've been freaking out over the simplest things because my old camera had nothing of the sort. It does pretty well in the dark too and everything, and just ahhhhh

Amani said...

WHAT?? Auto-focus while filming???? That sounds like pure magic

Amani said...

I just recently got the same camera!! love it so much!!

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