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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert!

So last minute I decided to be lazy because while I wanted to dress cute, was it really practical for a -concert-? Yeah no.

So I just went with my DreamV polkadot pants and my Princess Melody caplet for a little bit of a statement. I didn't really do my hair or anything and I'm SO GLAD because I'm pretty sure it would've just died before the concert even began.

Me with some of the local girls~ one of the Japanese girls recognized me from Kawaii International! I was so surprised @ w@ Her dad was press or something and he had told me one of them recognized me. Now I wish I had given them some sort of contact to get back to me!

My love Phen and her bff Raven ; u; I've talked to Phen for YEARS (since Gaiaonline-- so old) so it was so good to finally see her in person~

We managed to get to the very front, despite being really far back in the line... but there were some weebs in front of us that sort of blocked any sort of view :/ that and they wore kigus and stuff so they stunk up the area with the smell of musty butt after a while. But okay.

Photos I managed to take with my camera-- I also have some video, I've been too lazy to compile them and post them up to my YT channel though.

Kyary was so cute in person! It almost made me wish I had gotten a VIP pass. But yeah lol nope

Her dancers were popping it hard... I don't understand the amount of energy they have to be able to go on for the whole show. 

One of my favorite songs was onedari44do (currently playing it on repeat, hah) and also Invader Invader... particularly the time when she dropped the bass and everyone was just blown for a moment, like "wuaaaahhhttttt? what does Kyary know about thisssss???" It was pretty funny but it sounded so good.

Overall I like her as an idol~ not so much a singer (she really can't sing xD), but it's cute in that old Capsule /Coltemonikha feels! I really love her music, mostly because of Yasutaka Nakata's producing,  Sebastian Masuda designing all her stuff (both of them were there! Though Nakata I heard was more incognito)~ and then her as this cute model/idol? It makes this adorable force to be reckoned with. I would definitely do it again!

EDIT: My little video~


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