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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hakata Tonton~

A few weeks ago I had to bring my best friend Laura to Hakata Tonton for some hotpot. She had to experience it, her body had to take all of it. My main reason was to eat mad food for the contest that I had entered, but mostly it was just me being extremely fat. And so one Tuesday evening we went~

If you guys may have remembered, I had went here with Ashley and Rio for my birthday where we had shabu, which was good, but pretty pricey so this time around I wanted to try their 'hakata hotpot' which is one of their specials.

Before that, we had to indulge on some epic appetizers...

First up was avocado tofu~

Now if there was two things I never liked as a child, it was 1) avocado and 2) tofu. I don't know how I got so addicted to this little dish, but I did. And I blame it entirely on Ashley.

The avocado has the perfect amount of salt in it~ the texture is nice and smooth too. I never liked soy products but this tofu has to have been the best I've ever encountered. It slid over our tongues like clouds. Topped with a bit of wasabi pepper gave it THE PERFECT balance. It really makes me want to learn how to make it so I can eat it at home all the time!

Next was Hakata Tonton's famous homemade gyoza~

While it may not seem much, and of course much different compared to the usual shape for gyoza, their homemade gyoza packed a lot of flavor inside of it's crispy exterior and I'm just. Yeah.

Okonomiyaki. Words don't need to be said about this, but I'll just say that Laura started crying as she ate it.

Laura before those real tears xD

Then finally... the hotpot.

We decided to go with the regular hotpot opposed to the shabu this time~ it was cheaper, but I actually enjoyed this much better than the shabu! It seemed to have so much more in it~ the shabu only had the meat, the cabbage and other veggies, but this had tofu, pork belly, dumplings.. tonsoku (hell, they put pig's feet in everything~)... more vegetable.. just a wider variety of things. 

Myself.. as I waited for this hot sexx to continue cooking itself.

So hot that it broiled over a bit. LOL

Awww yiss.

Aww--aww yissssss.

I was kind of tempted to get the rice bibimbap to put into the broth at the end, but then we decided against it. Totally regret not doing it.

We ended this 5-course meal with some ice cream and mochi cake..

Laura had the black sesame ice cream, I had the strawberry which was SO good. we shared the little mochi cake, that we drizzled in brown sugar syrup. So good... so soft... sigh

I cannot wait for the day to come that we return to this beloved place.

Outfit rundown~
Blazer + Top/op (kind of hard to see): Forever21~
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Boots: An*tai*na (I didn't have brown boots until after the fact = w= hah)


Amani said...

All that food! It all looks absolutely delicious! My mouth is seriously watering while reading this!

Amani said...

It was REALLY good. I'm not at all surprised that places like Hakata are known for the 'soul food' of Japan. Really good flavorful stuff!

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