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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday I meant to spend the morning in church... unfortunately due to the amount of work I was doing at my job at the time I ended up missing morning service. Instead I decided to dress up and go out with my lolita friends Susan and Mimi to go out to a new tea place I haven't been to before called Bodunk.

The name itself sounds kind of funny and I wonder how they came up with the name xD But the place was very quaint, a bit on the rustic side with the decor and their tea was just. Amazing.

This place was pretty pricey, and the servings were kind of small, but the food had such quality. I think what you're mostly paying for is the tea itself, which is too good. Everything I touched I could tell they were -fresh-, from the fruits to biscuits to the apricot cookies.

Me and Mimi's small sets, I forget the name of it~ but it was basically a nibbler tea.

Susan's set was more savory.

I really loved the lady who worked at this place because she offered to make a mix of tea for me, and did it so nicely. I was stuck between a spicy chai tea and then I think it might have been a cherry tea? She blended it to the perfect fruity chai I ever tasted. Yes.

Us outside the tea house~

Me and Mimi~

Me and my looove Susan~

Then the two of them together. 

It was a pretty good time, and we ended up walking a bit around NoHo and then visited Laura and chilled for a bit.

Eyemake shot

 Outfit Rundown~
JSK + bow : Angelic Pretty
bag : AP modded replica
Jacket (slightly shown) : offbrand
Cape : Princess Melody
Boots: An*tai*na



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