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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Otakon is Over

I just got back yesterday from Baltimore @ w@

A very, very long weekend. Very exhausting but I had fun while I was able to. Unfortunately my knee swelled up by Sunday, so I wasn't in the mood to hang out after breaking down the dealer's booth. But I enjoyed myself, hanging out with Ariel (former mod of EGL) on Friday, getting boozed and partying a bit with my Laura, and meeting Sukoa on Saturday, and seeing all my lovely ladies over the weekend. (And a really good looking Balthier, probably the only one on the east coast, who I plan to find and pair up with when I do Fran >w>; )

My grey lenses came yesterday :/ They were on the porch as I was rolling up with my suitcase. sigh. needless to say I was kind of pissed, but it's whatever, it's in the past now.

I had fun cosplaying Michiko. Though the outfit wasn't completely how I wanted it, but the experience was nice and I definitely plan to do it again~ especially with Nicole as my Atsuko maybe for NYCC? And maybe I'll be able to do her main outfit. And I'll have my lenses >A>
We took pictures at the photo studio too, so hopefully she'll send me those photos soon and I'll post them up at some point.

I also got a bunch of nice freebies, half I'm keeping and half I'm planning to give away and sell x3 Photo post will come soon, as well as circle lens + store reviews, wig + store reviews, and July's haul post.

For now though, I'm going to rest. I caught the "post-con flu" again so now I'm trying to rest a bit more.


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