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Monday, July 23, 2012

I won a giveaway!

I won two pairs of circle lenses off of Tumblr!

I've been freaking out because I barely ever win anything xD so this is a pleasant surprise!

I won a pair of GEO Angel Green lenses, and a pair of GEO CK-105 Black lenses.

the CK-105 Blacks

Angel Greens~

I'm pretty excited! They seem really nice~ I'm trying to see if I can get them shipped fast to me and arrive by Wednesday. I figure that if my grey lenses don't make it on time, I'll settle with the black lenses for my cosplay. (Though I'll be whining about accuracy, I'm sure..)

Huge thanks to Korilakkumaprincess on Tumblr for running the giveaway


Amani said...

Wooow you are so lucky! I am excited to see you wear them! I never win anything haha

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