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Friday, July 6, 2012

Colonic Hydrotherapy~

So finally, yesterday was the day of sh*ts~ the day I'd finally try out the colonic hydrotherapy LOL. I went to the Cleansing Day Spa in Downtown Brooklyn, after I had bought a Lifebooker for a $30 treatment. (Their usual price is $55 per treatment)

The place itself was at 222 Livingston St on a 2nd floor. When I entered the metal steps were creaky and loud but then entering the lobby is was nice and clean. They share the space with an acupuncturist which I may look into later >w>

I had to take a lot of fiber, fruits&veggies and water beforehand and I.. didn't really do that. I didn't do anything for July 4th (read: eating a bunch of meat), but I actually didn't have much of an appetite either. I ate the rest of the box of my raisin bran, and then the morning of I ate a pretty big bowl of oatmeal.... then I tried to gulp down 3-4 glasses of water last minute. So being at the lobby I wondered how much of a jacked up experience this would be, because I was too lazy to actually go through with the pre-treatment preparations.

It wasn't too bad. The actual colonic room was like a huge bathroom, it had a toilet and a sink in there, as well as a TV (that wasn't on) and a standing fan. And then the 'Colenz' colonic machine. It felt sanitary enough, I didn't have much issue with the atmosphere. The specialist, if anything was more like an assistant who guided you through the process. That particular place is more 'self-serve' and it was weird, but I'm glad because it probably would've been awkward to have someone there for an hour with you.

I had to figure out how to release, wondering if I was doing it right or whatever so for the first 15 minutes I was being derpy, but after getting used to the pattern everything went more smoothly. But for most of the time I was feeling super tense because of the water pressure and trying to pass whatever fluids for an hour. I was feeling so free after the treatment xD Less because of all the junk that was released from my body, more because my bowels didn't have to work anymore. Afterwards they gave me some liquid multi-vitamin and water with a pill to help regain the natural bacteria in my system and I was on my way.

Experience itself was okay, I know that this was the 'hardest' one being that it was my first time. I think I want to try to make another appointment with an actual specialist being there the whole time with you, to make an actual judgment about hydrotherapy. Knowing that Otakon is soon approaching and I have to save up for a passport for my Guyana trip, I probably won't be able to follow-up right away. In the meantime? I'm gonna see if I happen to lose some more weight after this treatment. xD Going to take my dieting up a notch, look into safe water pills, continue trying to exercise more despite my knee always wanting to fail. I went to Modell's after the appointment and almost all the stuff I want (5-18lb weights, jump rope, waist trimmer, knee brace, sports bra top, running shorts, etc.) are all 10 dollars or under besides the 5-8lb medicine balls... so I will hopefully get those to get them out of the way = u= yes.


Amani said...

Awww yeah: exercise. 8)  (Fell of my strict regime a week ago, thanks to a sudden appearance of a social life. lool.)

Anyway, I'm always interested to hear about these colon cleanse things.  I'm too much of a wuss/stalwart 'natural method' type person that I don't think I'd ever go through with one.  But it's nice to know it's really not that bad at all-- not even the first time. o:

Best of luck getting everything together: I'm rooting for the healthier you~!

Amani said...

Yeah~ with colon hydro cleansing you need to be a bit comfortable with the method. I think it's pretty 'natural' though, in the sense that they're just using water to loosen all the gunk that lines your large intestine so that the buildup comes out like diarrhea and make it easier to just come out. But of course they way they do it is by putting a tube up your butt so obviously if you're not comfortable with that ATALL then yknow. 
xD; But it's a skinny tube and it's inserted like 1 1/2 inches inside, and the water goes through your intestine (the massaging of the stomach helps loosen and break off the lining) and when you feel the water pressure you just push like you're naturally going to the bathroom.

The machine I was on only had one tube for the water, and then the machine itself is like a toilet that you lay down in front of. I think at other hydrotherapy places they have two tubes, one for the water and the other for waste, but that's what I heard, I gotta see about that for myself xD; but yeah. Much natural than some colonic things, some companies try to make you drink these unnatural mixtures that'll thicken inside of you and kind of shove these old things off the lining as it passes through, which sounds painful. So if anything I'd definitely try hydrotherapy again, and when I'm able to financially I'll do a whole set (they recommend 3 within a month) and see what it does for me. If it was only for weight loss I probably wouldn't go through it like that, but it also helps prevent colon-related diseases and things, so the whole general 'preventative' measure + weight-loss effects together is what helped me make the decision to do it.

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