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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meeting Kayo-chan♥

A week after my sister's wedding, I had the pleasure of meeting with a Japanese gal named Kayo. She had saved up tens of thousands of dollars to go on a trip around the world! She visited so many countries so far, parts of mainland Asia, Europe, and New York was her first stop in the United States. A couple of gal meets were made (I didn't really know of them til last minute, didn't really bother to look into them), but me and Kayo made our own private get-togethers and got to know each other.

The first day, we met at Coney Island! I figure that might have been a place she wouldn't really get to experience since it's all the way out in Brooklyn, so we decided to go to see Luna Park and stuff.

It was sort of a cloudy kind of day, definitely not much of a beach weather to go swimming and stuff, so we walked around the amusement parks, and took pictures and whatnot. After that we bought a couple of ride credits to go on one of the rides and to play the carnival games.

My outfit for that day:

Cowgirl swag? LOL

Eye makeup shot

While we were at Luna Park, we ran into my lolita bby Aria with her friend from school, who was there playing DDR in the arcade and stuff. After we were done we went with them to Chinatown and went to a Chinese restaurant and had a feast for under 10 bucks each It was soooo good

The food... already half-gone xD

We had steamed pork dumplings... vegetable dumplings.. General Tso's chicken... vegetable lo mein and some other thing I forgot the name but, boy we were full once we were done! We couldn't eat much anymore, but Kayo took all the spoils and ate them by herself @ w@ like woah

After that it got a bit awkward because Aria's friends joined up with their friends who were pretty awkward, but Kayo seemed to enjoy the company. We strolled through Little Italy and SoHo and stuff and made our way over to St. Mark's for a bit, just to show Kayo where the Japanese restaurants were at xD She said she missed Japanese food because our food is so much different than what she's used to!

At the end of the night when everyone went their ways, Kayo was showing me the different videos from the other gals, like Maggie and her Italian gal circle and stuff, it was really nice~ and then I had to make a message myself to the LA gals (her next stop). @ w@ I was nervous and didn't know what to say so I made a small message saying hello to LA gal Michi because she was one of the Western gals I always looked up to style-wise, said to everyone else hi and that hopefully some day I'll come and visit them and stuff!

The whole time Kayo talked about makeup school and trying to become a makeup artist, and asked if I wanted to be one too. She was really trying to push the suggestion! xD She said she was so impressed by my makeup and that I should do it as a profession ; w; I don't know though, I've only ever done it on my face and I'm not too interested in doing it to other people's faces xD; And then we took more pictures before parting ways.

At first I thought that would've been the only time I'd hang out with her, with me trying to save for Otakon and stuff! But there was one free day and I figured I would see if she was available again and she was! So I took her to the MET Museum since she didn't go yet!

I got this at Whole Foods while I was waiting for her. She was running super late so I decided to take a loooong stroll across Central Park, then up 20-so blocks to 100thish street, and then allllll the way back.

We were in there for hooooouuuuurrrrrssssss. We went to see the Prada exhibit, and ended up seeing over half of the museum as well. I think she was most impressed by the Egyptian exhibit, and the Rococo rooms.

The newest exhibit on the rooftop, our last stop in the museum xD

Taking a photo through one of it's mirrored surfaces.

Once we were done, we were beat! My feet were so tired from walking xD So then we went to Starbucks, hopped on the train and parted ways for the last time ; w;

(Minimal eyemakeup that day, I was doing a whole lot of running around
and didn't wanna inconvenience myself xD)

I had such a great time meeting Kayo, she's a really great person and very social and her English was so good! I hope she comes back to New York, just as she hopes I go to Tokyo xD; One day we'll meet again!


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Aaw, you look so cute ( `ω´) !
Looks like both of you had a great day ^ ^
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