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Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Sister's Wedding!

I just got home not too long ago from the Poconos to see my sister finally get married to her boyfriend of ??? (I don't even remember xD) years. If ya'll ever read my old facebook (I might have posted here as well?) The actual planning of this wedding was very hectic and last minute... from venue, to guests, to my sister buying a dress from M*lanoo (shriek, I know e_e) but I'm glad it came out alright. The dress actually came out nice, and everything else more or less fell into place. There was a point in time where I was probably not going to go... but I'm glad I did, and I got to see the excitement and the emotions flowing between my sister and her fiance. It was a bit of an eye-opener to see how much he actually felt for my sister.

It was at Cove Haven, this couple's resort spot, and it was... alright xD Like the activities and everything they have for their customers are nice, but the wedding procession was kind of meh in my opinion. But it's whatever. As long as everything was good to my sister~

Anyways, more pictures~ I didn't take too many since I was a bridesmaid and all. So mostly everything was taken during champagne and cake.

Their little gangster posing..

Me and sis <3

Mommy with my niece Ashanti, who wanted to walk everywhere/climb anything/touch everything.

My own outfit shot~

I looked into one of my sujimori mags to put this hair together. AND IT ACTUALLY STAYED FOR A FEW HOURS. It was a serious miracle, I thank God the weather wasn't all that bad today, otherwise my hair would've been ruined the moment I stepped out the house..
Makeup I tried to keep it toned down for the wedding. I didn't want to do my usual, especially since my sister doesn't really feel that gal-style make is necessary for me xD She's always going "why do you wear false lashes??? your lashes are already ridiculously long!", etc.

The dress is pretty~ and I got it for 40 bucks xD One of the evening gown retail/wholesale places on 37th street had this on clearance.. and only in a size 8. So I got it and surprisingly it fits pretty well. Besides, yknow. my gut and all ; ^;

The dress is like a chiffon-type of material, and sprinkled with navy colored glitter all over. It was nice, not overbearing-- the only thing is that the glitter started rubbing off and sticking to everything, obviously xD

The shoes are what I got off of Style.ly 2 weeks ago~

Me and shanti~

And then myself with my two younger brothers. Crazy how they're BOTH taller than me all of a sudden... but okay e___e

I'm glad that my sister god hitched, and I pray and hope that they continue together on this lifetime journey and make it an experience they will never forget or regret <3


Amani said...

You and your sister are both so pretty!!! ><


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