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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Otakon cosplay preparations

I'm leaving in three days and I'm becoming anxious because of my lens order.
I'm mad because I wasted almost 2 weeks waiting on koreabigeyes or whatever to process and ship my order, which they never did. But they were able to refund me with the quickness :/ That just irked me. I'm here like, you could've sent my stuff within 2-3 days and I'd have it by now, no problem? But they wanted to lay back on it, even when I said I needed it before the end of the month

So when I got my refund I ordered from Kiwiberry1. Decided to go with the EOS Max Pure Greys, which I often saw advertised by Ageha models like Sayaka~

The only thing that bothers me is that you can kind of see the original eye color in the middle.. Shara did a review on them here. I'll deal with them, as long as they come in on time...

Outfit-wise, I'm practically done.

I decided to go with Michiko's denim onepiece outfit from Episode 3, since it was easy for me to just put together with my own clothing and doesn't involve me hanging my gut out.

Boom. lol. e___e

and I also made the images of Hiroshi and the crappy scribble of Hatchin to go with my look..

I traced/drew the Hiroshi photo with my pencils, but the Hatchin photo... LOL that image is so terrible I can't possibly replicate it. I just captured the head part on Photoshop and then carefully tried to draw the body and printed it out that way.

Now all that's left are her shades in that image, similar jewelry to what she's wearing, and then the circle lenses and makeup. Planning to try and get some lip makeup to get that her lip look, as well as new mascara and eyelash glue. I brushed out my half-wig and I'm going to wash it and make it a bit straighter.

I'm a bit anxious, it being my very first actual cosplay, I'm worried that I'll end up not liking it at the end. Or rather, liking my figure ... but I can't do much about that >w>

Anyways, if you are going to Otakon this coming weekend, I'll be working in the dealer's room at Alik's Cosplay! Come and visit me sometime


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