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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bronzegoddess01's Dietbet Challenge

(via her FB fanpage)

Bronzegoddess01 is an African-American youtuber that I've been watching for at least a year or so now~ she's always been impacting me with her inexpensive bargain shopping hauls, strawberry letters, and inspirational talks about faith and self-improvement.

So just recently she decided to start a little fun competition to lose weight with her followers, etc. through a site called Dietbet~ her specific challenge is $5 to enter, and the winning goal is to lose 4% of your current body weight (Dietbet has a system to make sure you're not lying or cheating lol xD)

So for example, my current weight is about 156 lbs~ so my goal is to lose at -least- 6 1/2 pounds or more in order to win. Mind you, there will be multiple winners so the pot would be split among all the winners. If -everyone- wins, you'd be basically getting the $5 you submitted xD Which is better than losing it completely, in my opinion. Right now the pot is at $270, but it'll grow as more people join, of course.

So I'm using this to motivate myself to try and go further along with becoming more fit. I've been slacking because my knee started messing up again after doing some exercises in my home, and I'm getting that checked out next week at the orthopedics :/ But in the meantime, I'll still be pressing myself to take more notice of my food intake, and doing the best I can to work out.

Just for reference, this is my body so far~ it's not so bad at the moment, though once I eat my usual salty foods I puff like a blowfish xD I'm still at my usual 36"/33"/41" measurement~

SO! I just wanted to post this in case it strikes anyone's interest at the last minute. The competition starts on tomorrow, July 19th so there is maybe 24 hours or less to sign up. Not sure if you can sign up after the start or anything like that, but if you're interested, join in!


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