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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Otakon is finally here.

It's 4am in the morning and I'm just sitting here completely frustrated over packing. I barely have to stuff my suitcase (compared to last year), but I loathe this thing about cons regardless. And right now just so happens to be the tensest of times.

My cosplay is mostly together now. Lolita outfit? Planned. Essentials? Almost got all that together. Makeup and hair stuff? got em. Electronics? charged; chargers? packed. Tumblr-- trying to queue enough posts to flood the whole weekend.

My lenses however, never came. It's itching the back of my brain and I'm getting pissed off the more that I think about it... because I just have a FEELING they will arrive tomorrow, after I'm already in Baltimore. It's bothering me so bad that they won't be in my bag when I hop on that bus.
I'm trying to think of a friend who will still be in the city in the afternoon who would be able to quickly go to my house and pick up my crap if it does manage to arrive. But that will be pretty difficult, the weather is supposed to be not that good tomorrow and it just. ugh. The tense feelings just pile up.

I just want my lenses. Is that too much to ask for?



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