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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today's Outfit~

Today I went out to a birthday celebration for the shepherd mother of our church~ it was supposedly near 100 degrees today, though it didn't really feel like it. Thank God it was mostly cloudy otherwise I would've baked.

I really wanted to wear one of my new wigs out with my hat, so I put this coord together. The dress I had gotten from Rainbow's~ the print reminded me of MA*RS a bit, not on point though. the blue is like a hinted floral design, with the zebra print and whatnot. I felt my wig would pop nicely against the blue and that the animal print would look okay with the more toned down leopard print in my hat.

Hat: Papaya ($5 clearance)
Dress: Rainbow's ($17)
Shoes: Square One ($5 clearance)
Accessories: from mom~

The top is held up by some straps to do a small halter neck thing~ the straps had ethnic looking beads and stuff so I wanted to add a bit more by wearing my shell necklaces.

I got a lot of compliments, though my 1st Lady did gently remind me that my shoulder/back area should've been covered by a shawl or something lol. More like poking fun than anything xD


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