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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Otakon 2011 pt 2

Saturday I decided to do huge poofballs and wear my Little Bear's Cafe despite the 100-degree weather all weekend... imo it wasn't all that bad but that's probably because I was in the con before noon and left after dark xD People adored it but my pictures came out pretty bad, I really wanna try to see how to make the poofs look better for next time... Put I put bows in it, lollipops and all that jazz~ I really liked the brown with fuchsia that I went for.

So before I went to work on Saturday morning, I went to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion show. A couple of my friends were modeling in it! It was pretty good. Very BABY (LOL, what more can I say xD ) Afterwards there was a Q&A, which was kind of bad not because of the designers, but because of the fucking Hetalia fans outside making a racket :/ It was very annoying. But the questions were good, and I managed to snag the last question LOL ~best question ever~ and basically told them like yknow, so there's at least more than 10,000 girls in the world who are into lolita, asked how did they feel when they found out about Western Lolitas, and how massive the fanbase is and the fact that so many girls actually wear it. I was really satisfied with their answer, I won't go back and repost it since I'm including it in my video when I put it up.

Saturday was absolutely tiring! omg! I think I wasted my voice and enthusiasm on Friday because Saturday I was ready to keel over xD but it was good. We were selling Meta luckypacks pieces, different bodyline pieces, old Fanplusfriend, Baby shoes, and a buttload of socks, shoe clips, socks, etc. I don't think we sold as much as Alek would've liked though~ you know how some people go. "Ohh~~ so expensive DD: blahblahblah blahblah"but lol whateverr

After the Dealer's Room closed I hung out with Yuki and people at their booths, talked with Zoh from Morrigan for a good minute since I haven't seen her in a bit~ then I headed with Alex and Noelle to watch Gothic & Lolita Psycho

I'm sorry. That movie. was so bad. LOL SO BAD
It obviously was gonna be bad as shown in the trailer, but really? "Bad" by initially looking at the trailer was an understatement. I raged so hard. So hard. At the end I was getting hugs and fistbumps from people because of my rage LOL. and I'm sure Alex and Noelle now know to never go watch a movie with me~ because my commentary ruins everything xD

But yeah. G&L Psycho = terrible. Terrible enough for me to buy the DVD so I can rage even more at home LOL

Once that was over, went to meet with Yuki and crew to go to the Cheesecake Factory. The harbor imo looked pretty cute, though that's just me having a romance fetish for harbors and anything by a pool of water lol It was after hours so we didn't get a chance to like, explore the little mall or nothing like that.

It was my first time at the Cheesecake Factory, but I didn't get any cheesecake, ironically. I did have a great time with Yuki, Aisha, Rebecca who I rarely see and Stephanie(?) and I enjoyed it. Besides the niggatry from other black people towards our outfits, plus some con-goers across from us basically smothering his gf with his lips, it was enjoyable. I forgot what I had gotten, it was like stuffed mushrooms, spinach and cheese dip and chips, and a pomegranate-something alcoholic drink, it was pretty good.

My outfit~ wish I had more outfit shots and better lighting - w-

Rebecca, myself, and Aisha

Went to their hotel chilled, ended up crashing there @_@ and then in the morning insert run-in with Mitsuba in the bathroom here LOL. Because of certain enraging situations that I won't post about here, Noelle ended up staying with us Sunday night so I met her and dropped by the hotel to change before heading back to the con. At the end of the day me, Alek and Noelle went to a Korean BBQ spot somewhere farther out in Baltimore... and it was so good. SO MUCH MEET. If only they had bingsoo...

Monday I was pretty anxious to leave Baltimore because if I'm late, then I'm stranded lol, so Alek drove me to the Penn Sta and I chilled there for maybe two hours or so before I made my way outside

Unsurprisingly~ the bus back to NY was hella late, like 30-45 minutes late, so I didn't step off the bus in NY until a whole hour later than I was supposed to. So I just rushed to Sephora to put on some makeup, Kino's for bathroom, then rushed myself down to Tokyo Rebel ASAP and managed to get to the BtSSB signing -right- on time for the last group. I wore my DreamV sundress with my Baby Rose Gingham headbow and my DreamV denim jacket, something light for the hot weather. Masumi once again shared with Masayo, co-owner of Tokyo Rebel, that I had modeled for them in 2008 * w* ~specialll~

I told Masumi that I hope she was able to enjoy New York this time, because back in 2008 that weekend was just all icky, deary, rainy and humid. And that I hope they'll return again one day

So my TL;DR rundown for Otakon:
-loli brands
-loli fashion shows
-more lolis

Yup... black lolis.

SO MANY BLACK LOLIS AT OTAKON. I was amazed. I mean I know it was Otakon, but hot damn

My slow self decided to start taking pictures of all the black lolis I meet Saturday evening, so I did. Now I could only imagine how many images I would've had if I started the beginning of Friday.

Rei and myself on a cellphone xD


Yuki with his bff Aisha (of Roserie~)


My boo Rashanda, a.k.a. Cocoa Mousse/ Mousse au Chocolat

YET ANOTHER AMBER. I follow her loli blog Delightful Charm

this girl had to have been the most adorable of them all,
omfg. dat bob and everything

I believeeee that's all for my Otakon experience. Not bad, if I worked at Alek's booth again next year I'd definitely go. I enjoyed hanging out with old friends (Laura, Elizabeth, Zoh, Aisha, Kammie, etc) and meeting so many new girls. It was really awesome. Hopefully see ya'll next year! (or even better, in NY one day Dx )

Lolita fashion show vids will be posted sooner or later xD


Amani said...

So. Much. Fun.  I am exceedingly jelly. I cannot wait to gooo~~.

Also, dude, Black Lolis out the wazoo. (I pondered making a tasteless reference to a certain DBZ meme involving a certain number, but. Well. Sometimes, I remember to pretend I'm still 'hip'.)

And yikess- it's total bullsheet when buses are so late it's not even comprehensible/excusable anymore...

Speaking of that, I just wanna feed Masumi and Masayo both a sandwich. As in, like, I want them to gain weight. (In my family, somebody would've tried to fatten them gals up.  /stereotypical Caribbean-native statement )

Hope you have as good a time at Otakon next year, too, if you go again. :3 I'mma stop rambling now...

Amani said...

you mean Masumi and Mitsuba xD haha. they were actually normal-sized. In Japanese standards anyways xD

Amani said...

Ah! That's my friend Aysha in the second photo of the bunch :D:D She also modeled in the fashion show too <3

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