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Monday, August 22, 2011

MP3 player~ get!

So I got #4 off my list today~ got myself a mp3 player o:

In the past I've been a PSP lover~ I used to use it ALL the time, for wireless internet, music, and occasionally games. I went through two PSP lifespans just abusing the mess out of them, using them daily until they finally burned out. They typically lasted 2 years each with the way I used them.

I still want a PSP, but in the meantime, it's been over 6 months since my old one died. Traveling is a bit antsy and aggravating when you don't have your music flooding out unwanted advances from men, panhandlers, and random crazies on the train...

When I made my list in my previous post I realized I still had a gift card from Radio Shack, so I decided to finally put that to good use.

And got this.

Extremely small in size, extremely simple, but perfect for me, for the time being.

It's the Sansa Clip+ MP3 player, with 4 gigs of memory.

It was on sale for 34.99, and it was pretty much one of the only affordable ones at the local Radio Shack, so I snatched it up with a 1 year mobile electronics service plan thing just in case it breaks within the year. After my store credit I only had to pay just a tiny bit less than $30, I was so satisfied.

Of course, I've only had this sucker for maybe 3 hours now, but I charged it, pretty much put my whole music collection onto it, and now I'm listening to it. It blasts the music pretty well for being such a small cheap little thing, Some reviews are bad but it's more good than bad, people saying that it handles some abuse pretty well (dropping it, etc) and that it lasts 5-8 hours with the music constantly playing. Good enough for any general traveling I'd need to do xD

I just hope it lasts as long as I hope it does :U if not? that's just more store credit for later. We'll just see how it works out in the future


Amani said...

Oooh cute! I cant imagine traveling public transportation without something to keep u company, esp in NY trains lol I almost died when my ipod died one day I was there XD Plus it was my GPS everytime I hit a wifi hotspot haha

Amani said...

In the past I couldn't do it at all. Like I had more than one occasion where I was having panic attacks in the train, ready to pass out when I didn't have my music. Now I'm fine, but still. lol I like to have a soundtrack to my life - w-

Amani said...

Niiiceeeee~~.  8)  It's kinda' cute, actually. But more importantly: CHEAP. <3

Hope this helps alleviate any public transport-induced anxiety. ;P  I like using electronic distractions, be it music, texting, etc. to block out creepers, too! : D

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