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Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Updates so far~

So since my return from Baltimore, life has pretty much went back to regular old... nothing. You know, just the regular sitting in room all day, internet surfing activities LOL

I entered a contest for Kawaii.i, which a Japanese Fashion page made by NHK. They had an outfit coordination contest that I decided to enter last minute. I entered one of my older lolita photos from this year, as well as a gyaru-style outfit that I put together~

lol dat face

Yup. Full of dat ass. The OP I believe is some random Japanese brand (nothing popular), with a mix of accessories from Gold's Infinity and from Yumetenbo. With my old Baby Phat bag xD

The items were from my package that came at the end of June, btw~ I forget if I posted them up yet but I'll be posting a huge haul post soon, I've been on a roll since June and been getting mad crap ♥ This month I'm getting a bunch of Victoria's Secret items (thanks to my boo Angel and her huge supply of coupons and stuff xD) and I want to post them all at once~

The contest winners will be decided this week~ it would be cool to win something but we will see, I didn't get enough votes for the grand prize (I honestly don't know why they left that prize to user votes, like really?) but there's still the other prizes to be chosen by the Japanese judges. If I ever do manage to win, I just don't want the Jelly magazines... no thxxxx

My sister, her fiance and my niece and nephew came over to visit that week too ♥ Ashanti's already a month old now!

Apparently whenever I see Ashanti, my reproductive system starts to click and tries to tell me it's time to make babies. I can't help but feel extremely nauseous and exhausted with headaches when I'm around her, even when she's not doing anything D: I clearly need to keep myself away from the opposite sex before this happens...

Muffy's baby, Jasmine. She grew so much in 2 years ♥

Then, I hung out with my bestest friend Muffy on the first Friday, stayed over, and the next day went Karaoke with a bunch of the girls and had a ridiculously fun time. It was pretty eventful, but afterwards I told myself not to go out and work on school... which I haven't been doing LOL

...that is also until my friend Susan popped up about a job opening. I knew her job was hiring for a full-time cashier, and she had told her boss about me and said she wanted to see me! So Tuesday I went over to the place and got HIRED ON THE SPOT.

I was just so. so appreciative. I love my friends that I DO rely on, I really do hold them dear to me. I'm forever grateful that Susan helped me get this, and I also thank GOD everything. So guess who has to wake up at 6am tomorrow? LOL

It's one of those simple discount women's clothing stores, so nothing special. Since it's a fulltime position I'll be working 26-33 hours a week, but I hope one day it'll be a max 40 a week. I'm getting paid minimum wage though (7.25 in NY), and apparently the bosses barely gives out raises... which is off to me because I'm used to getting 8.25 from Victoria's Secret e___e so I'm more or less doing it for the experience. Maybe I'll stay there for a year or so, and then try to find another place elsewhere that'll actually pay me pretty good.

Now that I got this job! You know I already got a mini "shopping to-do" list made LOL
which includes, but if definitely not limited to~

- paying for Women's convention in October
- Comic-con tickets
- Getting my new phone turned on

- buying a new PSP
- buying a pink ASUS netbook
- 1TB external harddrive
- a large TV screen 36-44ish inches
- new graphics card for PC
- bigger harddrive for my Xbox360, + whatever I need to play XboxLIVE
- pay the rest of my reservations for Assassin's Creed Revelations & FFXIII-2
- quality materials for my cosplay
- clothing (regular, gal, lolita) from various places
- buying every Ageha mag I'm missing, even all the way to the first issue (did I mention that my Ageha collection so far is probably past 3 feet now?)
- passport
- student membership for ASIS New York
- new makeup
- new extensions (28-30" long, hopefully!)
- getting my room redecorated
- trip overseas
- Final Fantasy concert in NYC
- lolita tea party

That's what I could think of... so far LOL

I mean it's not reckless, all-at-once spending, I'm definitely doing this bit by bit over time, and yeah, I'm planning to put stuff aside to save (only after being harassed by Nancy LOL). Hopefully I'll save maybe 2000 dollars at some point, put half of that in a CD account, keep the other one in savings, maybe have some in cash just in case, but the rest is absolutely MINE.

It really is a blessing to not have that much financial responsibility, I love it.

So hopefully when I start work this week, I'll be able to get my paycheck in order by next week and get paid, and from then on monaymonaymonaymonay

I am beyond excited, I hope I'm able to work a lot so I can prove myself and get that experience so my resume will look even better, so I'll be able to get paid even more LOL

I better get myself to bed now, if I expect to wake up 6-7am in the morning~ xD



Amani said...

Sweet. I hope you manage to get everything that on your list.

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