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Friday, August 19, 2011

natsumatsuri, and first week of work~

So since I got hired last week, I decided to do a bit of celebrating xD I decided that the summer festival at Mitsuwa in NJ would be (one of) the last outing I'd actually get dressed for... besides the AfroPunk Festival going on next week in Brooklyn lol.

Wore my yukata from last year, but apparently I have issues fitting it. Since my backside apparently gotten ~bigger~ (to other's satisfaction, than my own - w-) it wasn't fitting right. Plus I put the yukata a bit higher than normal... wish I had paid attention before I left my house, but I was in such a rush since I was beyond late LOL

Decided to do an oiran look, imo not my best compared to the photoshoot I did back in May, but it's whatever. Also stuffed my bra to have a DD's look but LOL dunno if I should've taken that route, especially with white. To top it off I wore my new wedges which made me look like a giant compared to my friends D':

Definitely sticking to black and dark colors for oiran looks.
Loved that lipstick thoughh

There was sooo muchhhh fooooddddd. It's pretty much the main reason why I really go, other than the magazine sales they tend to have. 5 dollar okonomiyaki, yakisoba.. they had gyoza for 4pc for a DOLLAR which was amazing.. got myself a dozen of those LOL, they also had tofu cheesecake for A DOLLAR and it was surprisingly good for tofu. I personally don't like too much tofu but it kind of made me change my opinion about that

they had rice bowls.. noodle bowls... grilled seafood which is ALWAYS packed, shaved ice, cotton candy, etc, and my favorite soda, Ginseng Up. I could never find it for some reason, no matter what Japanese convenience stores I go to, kind of sucks a lot. Anyways other than the food, there are also taiko drumming and other performances, me and Chris and my other friend Paulette sat down and ate and watched and chatted. I bought myself the August and September issue of Ageha... I need to backtrack for July, since I was lazy and never got around to buying it... jacking up my whole collection LOL
Ageha August and September!

Ageha June that I got not too long ago from Kinokuniya o:

I've been meaning to go to the purikura joint with my yukata, but I ended up putting it off until another time... I get so jealous seeing other people go to their local puri spots, but in NYC the good one is so far out of most people's way... I don't think I've been there since Ashley came back home in the winter...

More pix:

Chris, from Sugar Bomb

Me and Chris. Note her shortness. And my tallness. and yeah.

Paulette ♥

Anyways, so Monday was my first day of work ♥

In all my past sales experiences I only worked on the floor, helping customers, etc, so it was my first time actually working the register. I caught onto it pretty quick! Usually when you see a new employee at a clothing store they're always super slow and lost with the register system LOL but I''ve been working pretty fast. After the first day the manager told Susan that she really likes how I work, that I'm very focused and stuff.

I'm pretty much the only black girl who works there, everyone else is hispanic (except for those who work at the main office, who I think are mostly white/Jewish, as far as I saw), so there's obviously a language barrier at times. But I'm glad they know English as well, enough for me to be able to ask them things and talk to them. ESPECIALLY glad I work with Susan. With everyone I'm pretty casual co-worker with but its good to be able to have someone you've known and got along with for a good while, especially when you need to share those ranty and lulzy moments.

I haven't gotten any customers who were -unbearable- yet, so I guess that's a good thing.

By the third day though , I was pretty exhausted. Working three days straight for the first week was NOT fun whatsoever. Especially since that particular day not only was I super exhausted in the morning, the coffee decided to have a REVERSE effect on me, and THEN to top it off? Someone had apparently committed suicide at Atlantic Avenue station so ALL MANHATTAN BOUND TRAINS on the 2/3/4/5 were halted. You do not know how pissed I am.

It takes maybe a 1 1/2-2 hour commute to go AROUND, through Manhattan and into Queens, and this joker decided to off himself in the morning when people have places to go?

I was pretty evil about it too, for those who saw my facebook statuses, but seriously? If you're gonna kill yourself don't make yourself noticeable like that. Hang yourself or jump off a building, don't disrupt other people's daily routines :/

Anyways from then on I was feeling very sloppy, my mind was pretty much elsewhere before my lunch break, but after that I got back on track and was back to my old self.

I got off today and yesterday, and tomorrow and Sunday I work again. Though it's pretty hard for me on my first week, I'm glad I was able to get so many hours in, because the first thing I'm looking forward to is that first paycheck next week~♥ ♥ ♥

I've been trying so hard -not- to spend it ahead of time, because only God knows how much will be taken out for taxes and social security.. but I already have my first purchase ideas lined up.

1- Deposit for Women's Council convention weekend the first weekend of October
2- Purchasing the rest of my cosplay materials
3- New half-wig I've been eyeing for months
4- turning my new phone on
5- a cheap mp3 player like this so I can finally relax during train rides
6- Metamorphose Fruit Punch Soda jsk set

Not including whatever super-cheap purchases I'll be making at Victoria's Secret, though haha I will have a huge haul post at the end of the month from all the crap I got between June and now. ♥

Hoping to also have my circle lenses by October. The girl e-mailed me an update saying that she sent the order in on August 7th, because of people giving late payments... imho she should've just dropped them, I was a bit irritated that she was being nice about it when there was already a 2-week extension/delay because EOS was on holiday. Everyone should've been had their stuff together *sigh*

But hopefully I'll get my things soon... I just don't want to bother with last minute lens purchase :/ especially when these are in prescription compared to other stores that gives me no prescription options at all.

Also I will be posting cosplay progress, though probably closer to the con date so I can have everything almost done rather than having really choppy step-by-step posts all the time.

After a VERY long week

I guess that's it? Hopefully another post soon ♥


Amani said...

Om nom nom~~. Rice bowls. =  3 =  Your yukata is freakin' cute! As apparently ill-fitting as it was. (The profile view pic for Kawaii.i is all 'dat ass'd up, though, you are correct. Haha

On another note, congrats on the new job! (Aren't friends awesome? <33)  But yeah, a few days ina  row at any job will exhaust a person. @_@  Still, at least you're a fast student.

I am jazzed for this cosplay updating business. : D

P.S. Your niece and nephew are freakin' adorable! In the previous post, you can really see the familial resemblance between you and them. :]

Amani said...

Cute yukatas!

And congrads on the new job~~ Register work is tough, very exhausting so I can't even imagine working that many days in a row :/ But I bet in a few weeks everything will seem a lot easier once it becomes routine.
Plus all the moolah from working that much won't hurt either ♥

And are you talking about the con at Javits Center in October?

Amani said...

Yup! Usually I do lolita panels or help out at my friends' booth and whatnot, but I think this time I'm going to try and enjoy myself and cosplay and stuff xD It'll probably be just as crazy as last year though

and yes... that cash... I've already stalked the mess out of gilfy and dreamv and these japanese auctions and stuff. I didn't even get paid yet. I need to stop lolo

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