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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monster haul post!

So, if you haven't been aware by the title yet lolo. This is my shopping haul post from June till now. Mai's package with my gal brands, little things here and there from Otakon, random outings with Mei and Susan and other people, and stuff from Victoria's Secret, mostly ~ So enjoy~ most of these things are under a cut xD

First, my package from Mai had:

Ma*rs top~ it has an open back

Gold's infinity stole with beads and chains hanging in the front~

the 'dat ass' op I wore in my other entry LOL

DreamV op#1

D.I.A. onepiece

DreamV OP #2

Garter from ??? I bought it from that Mayumama(?) chick on auction.
People post her photos a lot on tumblr now... makes me kind of uncomfortable imo

Ma*rs garter

and I also got these from Laura's order with Mai, from DreamV

my now-completed Ravenclaw outfit! as shown in my King Green review~

one of the worst lash glues I've ever used. I'll probably do an actual review on it later :/

shorts and top from F21, when me and Mei went~ we got the same top for matching xD

then during Otakon~

Paris Kids bow phone charm my other friend Laura got me from Japan ; w;
putting it either on my new phone, or my PSP or something once I get it~

One of my loli friends Bianca was selling these during the con~ so a snagged them >:3 really inexpensive

Then for the summer festival at Mitsuwa I had gotten this one lipstick by NK~ it's the shade "spicy red.

It's the perfect shade. I love it.~

Now to get lip stain to keep the color nice and bright... LOL

A pair of shorts I gotten from my job... thinking about sending them back :/
they have this suedeish texture. I just wish they were booty shorts ; w; /hoe

Also from work. I love how reflective it is the jewelry there tends to be cheap and really delicate though. But the new stock is actually really nice, I'm trying to take them before all the customers do~ lol


The other day I had went to Queens Center Mall, and got quite a couple of things... and then I went back on Thursday so xD I have a *lot* of stuff.

Gladiator flats from Square One
since my other white sandals were becoming a health hazard for me :/

A pair of strappy sandals, like I always wanted...
except they're a 9, instead of a 9.5, and so the backs sort of cut into the back of my leg :/ One day I'll see how to get that fixd though ; w; otherwise they're real cute

Marie mug from the Disney store~

The sassiest bitch ever, I swear

then most recently, this Tiana mug~ it has this Damask-like print, it's so elegant looking

These cups really make me want to get an espresso machine, just so I can have fancy hot drinks in them xD Hopefully by the winter..

and finally.. Victoria's Secret hall xD

I literally spent less than $40 on these altogether thanks to the coupons I've gotten from my friend Angel. I hope she gives me more before the coupon time expires, I want other stuff, agh xD

kabuki brush! Made of goat hair, it's so soft~

Beauty Rush eyeliner in grey-- I didn't even concentrate on the color, I just thought it was black xD Might see if I can send it back..

Beauty Rush bronzer~

Beauty Rush mascara.. not too shabby, I personally like it lol

Their deluxe shadow palette from the Hypnotic Beauty line~
set is "Gypset". Review on this soon, too
I liked "Mirage" better, it has colors that are more vibrant on my skin, but they were sold out at the time so I got this one instead~ still very nice colors!
I also figure that if I ever do a Tiana cosplay, this would be perfect xD
Definitely want more from this line

And then..

hiphuggers and bikinis~

A pair that I'm wearing that I was too lazy to take pictures of unworn
I swear I'm not touching myself xDDD pink and white and silver glitter stripes

I'm so hooked now! I've never been so hype for underwear but xD
I was always the girl who had like, underwear now from Freshman year of H.S., even from middle school xD and now I have new undies. Can finally lay some of these old suckers to rest!

But yep~ those were my purchases for the past 2-3 months, not including my Taobao shoe order that I posted earlier
I'm so addicted now~ and the fact that I'm about to get paid soon, doesn't help LOL. Lord help me!


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