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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Right before Otakon

So guess who ended up going to Otakon? *this guy*

I ended up going and working for my friend in the dealer's room for the weekend. Though I was working pretty much all the time I did manage to enjoy myself, meeting new lolis, chilling with old heads and being able to talk to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designers and seeing the loli fashion shows there. But the Wednesday before I left I had to get a new suitcase, and I ended up hanging out with Yanise, Noelle, and Nancy.

First I went to chinatown to get the suitcase, I stopped by Pearl Paint to see what craftfoam they had so I know how much it is when I get some for my cosplay. They only had these letter-sized sheets and I was like... really? Pearl Paint is like the go-to for most art majors but they didn't bother to have any craftfoam sheets bigger than 8x11ish. The guy working there said that it'll probably be at -another- art store 3 blocks down, but I didn't have the time to check. Maybe some time this week I'll go back and check stuff out.

After that I went across the street and went to the first store I saw with suitcases. Got my suitcase for $25, which is pretty awesome. Wish it was pink though LOL
Took a minute to choose it, the chinese guy kept pulling suitcases left and right with "I giv u gud priec" while he was eating lo mein. It was pretty funny, really LOL

After that I stopped by Sephora to get sample of their foundation, then met Yanise at her job at some cute store down on Prince Street. We went to K-town with our friend Noelle and Nancy to Cafe Ele for some Bingsoo, which was absolutely epic.

green tea flavored ice, topped with red bean paste, fruits, whipped cream, ice cream, corn flakes, mochi, pocky, and chocolate syrup * w* it's supposed to be for 2 people but barely anyone can finish it, luckily with the 4 of us we devoured that shit LOL and still was full! le fawk, definitely going back to get one before the summer's done, since it's a seasonal item ♥

Once Nancy went back to work we went looking around, made our way to Kinokuniya, where we stopped at this truck that was giving away free ice pops~

They're called Sungevity, apparently they're a company that specializes in solar panels. To promote themselves they ride around on this solar powered truck (?), giving out organic ice pops in unique flavors, AND they give you a quarter. LOL. Even the small coaster they give you attached to the quarter is embedded with wildflower seeds, so you'd just need to soak it overnight and plant it in a thin layer of soil to start growing. Cool, right?

Yanise waiting in line for her pop. Me and her ended up getting the "hibiscus mint" pops, while Noelle got some coffee flavored one. The hibiscus mint was SO GOOD, it had bits of the flower in there too, it was really refreshing, much different from the ghetto kool-aid pops I was always used to tasting xD

Noelle was loving hers a bit too much. mhmmm gurl sucked datttt /troll

Afterwards we went to see my bby Mei at work, who's been isolating herself a bit because now she's working a fulltime job -and- was doing some serious studying for the state nursing exam. I haven't talked to her since then, I hope she did well ♥ hopefully she'll be back on the nets -at some point- LOL, posting on her blog more and etc

Then once I got home and procrastinated... then stuffed the crap out of my suitcase, and went to sleep for like 3 hours before heading off and nearly missing my bus x___x lol

Anywho, more updates later. I have pictures, and video to put up on my channel soon~


Amani said...

Awwwww yeaahhh, Noelle. 8)  Ahaha.

Anyway, DUDE-- I love hibiscus-flavoured things! (National flower of Jamaica? Means it's legit for Jamaicans to eat it, right? >.>' ) And mint?  I am intensely jelly of your ice pop. ; _ ;

Also, good on you for getting a new suitcase with such seeming ease. (It always takes me forever to get one-- I'm crazy for price-comparing in different shops...)

Jazzed to hear more about your Otakon experience/see pics. o: I've never been, but I wanna' go next year for a cosplay I'm planning. C:< 

Aaand yeah. Late reply is late. (Having a life recently has killed my ability to keep up on Blogger...)

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