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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rest in Peace, Jami.

I'm making this quick post to give honor to my cousin Jami.

She passed away last Tuesday. She was only 27...
I forget what exactly the condition was, but it was like a HBP condition affecting her lungs, and her lungs and heart weren't cooperating with each other.

I know she was supposed to get a lung transplant, but I don't think she ever got to get a new pair... two weeks ago she was doing better up until she died, she stopped eating and her health deteriorated until she went into cardiac arrest.

I don't know my father's side that well at all, but Jami was one of the only relatives I remember from my childhood. She was one of my family inspirations that pushed me to pursue art in high school... when I was younger I remember sneaking and reading her diary/poetry book and got scolded for it LOL. But regardless I recognized and respected her artistic spirit.

When we reconnected on Facebook maybe a year or so ago, we caught up a bit, and she used to always say how she admired and loved my lolita style. It made me feel good, her being one of the only ones who commented on it and genuinely liked my style.

I wish I had the opportunity to having known her more... I also wished that I had paid attention to her health problems way before, had I known the severity I would've prayed on it and requested people to pray on it for me... one of the things I've learned through my faith is that prayer is power and I feel like I could've helped saved her.

Today is her funeral in Georgia. Unfortunately I can't make it at all, but the family requested that everyone make a donation to the American Lung Association, so when I'm able to I'll be making a donation in Jami's memory.

If you can, please donate to teh ALA in memory of Jami Murphy.

[Link to ALA page]

Rest in peace, Jami. I love you.


Amani said...

Stiff as this sounds, it's true: I'm truly sorry for your loss.

It's good that you and she had a chance to reconnect recently, though.  Often, even a little time spent with someone before they pass can add even more vibrancy to their memory. <3

I'm a dunce and didn't ever think to check the ALA website to see if they took donations. (I should, what with myself having a bit of asthma, and my grandma with COPD.) I'll see if I can scrounge up  enoughf or a donation when I get my next check. o:

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