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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bosie Tea Parlor

The other week I went with Dr. Kawamura to Bosie Tea Parlor, a small little spot down in the West Village. It was my first time going, after hearing a lot from some of the local lolitas who have went before, and I really enjoyed myself. Parts of their walls were just lined with these huge tins of tea and the decor was very simple, nothing too ornate which is nice for a casual get-together.

I got their afternoon tea set~

One of their Chai teas

I already forgot which one I chose xD But I believeee it was the Smoked Salmon, their Cheddar Cheese and their Cucumber with cream cheese sandwiches? Either way they were all really good.
I also got their Vanilla Cheesecake and their Bacon & Maple Syrup macarons! Both were really good, though I tasted mostly maple in the bacon one. But still, they were very good. The little mini-cakes had these sugared orange rinds or something on top and it was nice and sweet!

One day I'll be back~ back to try the rest of their menu, that is. >:3


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