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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kawaii International Contest...

It's been like 2 days since it was announced that I won first place for the recent Kawaii International contest focusing on Hime gal style. But every time I look at the video (which I saved, to look back on later) I'm still partially in disbelief.

Like how did I win? Especially out of fabulous gals that I look up to , like Sui Princess and Malin?

I keep thinking about this over and over.... and I keep being analytical over my outfit and breaking it down so I'm just gonna go on about everything here so hopefully I'll stop thinking about it. LOL

This is kind of the guideline that Ayano Tokumaru, store manager of the La Parfait store in Shinjuku, made for the contest... where she dressed up in a lolita-like style, a koakuma-like style, and a very casual style.

So with that guideline, I tried to put my code together.

My outfit...

My main style points:

A) The hair! Not the bows and pearls I was wearing, but the style itself. In my old post I showed that I did this little experiment that resulted in this nice hime updo to the side, with a nice 3-tone effect that I wanted to show off more. Definitely plan on working on and perfecting in the future. (Probably with a Youtube video in the future? Probably.)

B) The hime style Angelic Pretty dress, for obvious reasons. Like I said in my old post, I was really thinking of a DIA or MARS outfit, but I wasn't too confident in what I would make up for those... so instead I went with my Rose Princess Doll OP, since I've seen both Western and Japanese himegals wear that specific dress for Himegyaru, not just lolita. Plus I figured since Kawaii.i explained that 'any hime style' is a valid entry, that someone probably asked as far as lolita styles and stuff. Thinking a bunch of lolitas would enter anyways, I entered with this dress.

C) The nails. This was one of the more 'natural' deco sets I had, so rather going with my other pink clusterfucky ones, I went with these... even though they got washed out by lightning. sigh

4) A touch of fuschia, just because the color pops xD

There was a couple of things that I really wanted to change...

1) My Jesus Diamante necklace. For some reason I couldn't find it for the life of me, it's not showing up anywhere in my room... I really wanted to wear THAT, and any of my other pearl necklaces seemed too gaudy for that particular look... so I decided to just go without.

2) The shoes. All my other shoes are pretty much strictly lolita shoes, or totally not a matching style to the dress. These shoes were actually the shoes that my sister wore to her wedding, and after her shoot last month (I still need to put the pictures up!) she gave them to me since they were only for the wedding, and weren't her style.

One of the things I really loved about the shoes was the rhinestone detail * w*
The design reminded me of a tiara or a crown and went pretty much all around that part of the heel.. and then it has some simple flower design on the side of the shoe.

But if I had the time to, I would've taken that flower off and put lace and roses instead, like a Jesus Diamante style.. It's definitely on my list to mod. I just wish I had the time and money to do it before the contest.

3)Bracelet-- I didn't even think about. I went with the one bracelet I usually wear on a regular basis, and I totally forgot the other one I had, with the pink fuzzball attached to it, or my one simple cubic zirconia one to give it sparkle. Otherwise, I didn't want to be gaudy. I thought of my wristcuffs, but I really didn't want it to look that lolita. And I didn't want my hands to look cluttered, especially with the nails I had on.

4) Self-shot in my bathroom. Really though? I was going to my friends to see if someone wanted to come over and snap shots of me, but no one had time to. My cousin was barely home, and other than that I had my grandparents, and I felt it was more trouble than it was worth to try and teach them how to take a photo on my camera... especially when Opi's a straight up troll, while Omi gets paranoid about jacking up technological stuff. So~ bathroom self-shots it was .___.
All my self-shots are usually in my bathroom, but I wanted to avoid it since the warm lighting and the pink walls usually washes out my contour, my lighter wigs, and pretty much anything light pink. That being said...

5) I would've done my makeup over. It was the last minute, and the makeup I had on was already on for a while. I tried to touch some of it up, but once my face is oily, that's pretty much it... so basemake-wise, there was nothing much I could've done, and then with the eyes the same thing. I wish I went through the trouble of  taking off the lashes and reapplying eyeliner and gluing them back. And I wish my eyes were well hydrated because my eyes were hurting too much already from oils trying to seep into my eyes.


I had gotten the news first from Facebook when I was checking my phone at church.... I did one of those sudden screams like when you see a rodent by surprise xD And since it was in the video and not in texts, I couldn't see where it was said! I had to wait till I got home and got on my computer and caught the stream itself..

As dissatisfied as I was with my outfit.. hearing Ayano's explanation about why she liked my outfit helped me relax. Really, everything that was said between her and the other hosts were pretty on point with what I was going for. Since my focus was the 3-toned hair and the Rose Princess Doll OP, I didn't want to OD similarto Ayano's style in the vid just to please her and look like her...

I liked how she recognized how I didn't choose to wear any tights or any regular lolita pumps and went  for the strap heel instead, and that the dress was the main focus and the ribbons and stuff were just a little add-on and not too ridiculous. Even in the very beginning she explained that she was looking for tasteful stuff, nothing overbearing which was a bit ironic and a bit of a different turn from what anyone would expect. xD Especially from her, who wears like 6-8 wigs every day throughout the year...

I really admire her choice, especially with the other two winners, because all of our outfits as far as I saw, weren't obvious hime brands like Jesus Diamante or MA*RS or La Parfait... It wasn't all matchy-matchy with prints or ultra deco or anything like that, besides the 3rd place girl who had her Hello Kitty nails and I think hair accessories and etc, our styles were for the most part pretty simplistic and not too piled on.

So all in all, I'm very happy and humbled I won, regardless of how I felt. I'm totally looking forward to receiving the 1st place prize! I can't believe I won this chick's dress. Just wow..
I'm wondering if it'll even fit, though? @ A@ Ashley and Shiena told me that La Parfait actually fits pretty well, so I'm optimistic. If not... then I'll make the dress my thin/fitspiration for next spring and summer xD Hahaha~

They're going to post the winners pictures up to the kawaii.i FB page soon... something I'm not looking forward to, or even look at xD nope. noooooooope. nopenopenope

I'm so glad I've gotten the comments that I did from both the hosts and from my FB friends and Tumblr followers though, I really take positive feels to heart and I'm definitely looking to expand my hime closet now that I got this job ; w;

Can't wait to receive this in the mail and post pix!


Amani said...

Congratulations!! :D Your outfit looks amazing and I understand the looking back and wishing you could change something lol but it's still pretty awesome! <3

Amani said...

Aww congrats!

Amani said...

Get it guuuuuuuuuuurl

Amani said...

Congratulations for winning 1st place~ ♥Your outfit was really amazing! You shouldn't worry about it (^-^)
Anyway, I really don't want to be intrusive or anything, but I was wondering if you could somehow send me the episode (for personal use only)? I haven't been able to watch it yet, and since I won 3rd place I obviously really want to see it (T-T) So if it's not too bothersome, please contact me at princessrinblog@hotmail.com
Thanks in advance and Take care ♥

Amani said...

I can definitely send it to you the moment I get home! IDK if you want to add me on facebook but I have our segment of the show on my facebook for viewing as well o:

Amani said...

 Sent it! Enjoy <3

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