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Thursday, October 18, 2012
I'm here at the moment trying my best to focus on my final project (as always, p.s. managed to get another extension, thank god),
but I just wanted to say how happy I am that I FINALLY got the confirmation that I finished the Wedding Planning course. My certificate should arrive in 4-6 weeks ♥
I was so hyped having received that e-mail earlier this week!

Then to top it off, I got another confirmation, this time for an interview for a job in Times Square. It's only temporary, maybe for about 6 months, but the pay will be really good, and hopefully I'll be working 30-or-so hours to make it worthwhile. I already estimated the amount of money I would get if I land it (before taxes), which would be well more than enough to take a certain ~international~ trip afterwards * w* plsplsplsGodpls

I'm praying for it so hard! If  I land the job I immediately start working next week. It might wreck my Halloween plans, but I'd rather have those plans wrecked and start getting paid than anything else!

And THEN I'm inches away from getting my passport. Selling my NYCC pass was the best decision I've ever done, and now I'm only 40 bucks away from having all the money together! I'm planning to sell baked goods at the Guyana trip's rally day at my church on Saturday, and after service on Sunday ♥

I've been in a ridiculously good mood because of everything going on. It feels like everything is falling into place for me. ♥ I just hope I get the job, everything else is in the bag!


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