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Monday, October 1, 2012

Entered the Kawaii International contest..

This time was a "hime" theme, or at least was originally a "himegyaru" theme.

I was actually really dissatisfied with my outfit. I don't know. A part of me wanted to do some D.I.A.-type stuff but that wouldn't have been all that princessy... I also have things from MAR*S but I don't know, I didn't want to dress up in it. Maybe I should have ; w;

So I went with my lolita dress instead.

It was way too simple. ._____. I don't know...
I was still sick so I'll just blame my lethargy on that.
 (My God, I have to post about those heels though. Seriously)

What I -did- like though, was the hair that I managed to do * w*

I basically started playing around with some of my hairpieces... since I barely used the ponytails that went with my brownxpink fade wig from Mintymix, I chopped them up and tried to layer them a bit~

I was playing with them and then I realized hey~ this actually matches the brown on my brownxtan short wig xDD 

I went through the process of straightening the ponytails, and then curling them again to how I wanted them.. and then I took one, put it on my short wig, and started playing around with the matching wire pieces to the split wig... and finally, tried to sort of pin the side up without it looking too jacked. And this was the result!

It was so cute, high-five for creating this 3-toned look xD
I plan to make a video for it soon! I just need to try and touch up the messy points and try to get it looking more correct~

Not expecting myself to win unfortunately, I felt that I could've done so much more outfit and makeup-wise, but hot damn, this hair * w* I cannot


Amani said...

That hair is pretty fabulous. Makes me want to get a wig and play with it, but I'm broke until I find a new job... ;_;

Amani said...

You look so cute. Very kawaii. I love your hair. :)

Amani said...

Heya, oh don't worry about it, your outfit and especially hair looks brilliant. I really like the nails, too. And whether or not you win this contest, you created a cute outfit ♥

Amani said...

 Girl I'm in that same spot e__e serious need for that employment

Amani said...

 Thanks so much! Yeah, you're right. It's just that I was so set on doing it when it was announced xD and then I got lazy the last minute as always.

Amani said...


Amani said...

Saw that episode; glass you won. You proved that anyone can wear these clothes, not just certain people. :)

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