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Friday, October 12, 2012

Prisila pieces!

So at the con I was -finally- able to get the Prisila pieces I ordered from Taobao with friends.

I was pretty disappointed because my friend's Taobaospree agent, Doris, was such a derp. She jacked up the invoice and ended up never ordering one of the hairpieces I wanted..

You might've seen this little tutorial/run-through on tumblr! I was trying to get all the parts in this tutorial, but since the girl goof'd I can't do it anymore , for now, anyways :/ I really do miss having Lucy as my agent...

In any case, I got "2 out of 3" of the things, that being the curly extensions, plus the bang piece. I might need more of the curlys, though... I'll get them eventually, I have plenty of time and the Prisila taobao site isn't going anywhere!

I did a couple of simple updos, just to see how they looked! They're super cute.

The color is TMB, by the way. I wanted to get that color, figuring that it'll be close to my own color, but it's still pretty light. I definitely favor the bang piece over my own makeshift one xD It lays on the face better and doesn't start acting all weird.

In this image you can see the difference between the hair and my own a little bit better.

The difference inspired me, if anything. In a recent Facebook status, I expressed wanting to get a -little- something down to my hair. At first I decided that I'll probably get caramel highlights, since I haven't had highlights since middle school! But then, seeing how this TMB color looks on me, I think I want my own hair to match it almost! I wanted a lighter brown but I want to be safe. (I plan to get my hair done around Christmas/my birthday, which is a pretty bad season for my hair. In the past I've had loads of my hair fall out due to poor conditioning and whatnot, so I avoid any work that's too damaging.) So I think I'll settle to trying to get this in my hair~ and then maybe the caramel highlights to top it off.

Now I just need to plan how I'm going to style my hair for this Saturday... I want try and have it big as always, but how do I accomplish that with just these? Hm...

In any case, these pieces are definitely on my 'to-do' list for wig reviews! Can't wait. Maybe in the meantime I'll start trying to get hair extensions in this color...


Amani said...

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with the Taobao agent >.< That really sucks! But you still look super cuute! 

Amani said...

 Seriously. With Taobao shopping it seems so much different because the way they have the shopping services set up, opposed to Japanese services usually. It's less about the business as a whole, as it is what agent you end up getting stuck with.

Shellby said...

No seriously you look fucking adorable. Doesn't even look like you need the other pieces.

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