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Monday, October 15, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

So NYCC was pretty short-lived for me, having only gone on Thursday and Saturday, but as always, it was good to hang out with people I've haven't seen in a while. Cons for me are just a meeting place, mostly-- I never was into too many panels, besides lolita ones and whatever might've been relevant to my interests (Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon, etc.). Panels I like barely come up, so most of the weekend I'm usually always wandering the show floor and artist alleys and stuff.

I decided to go to Comic Con on Thursday since I had a 4-day pass, and I tried to just get all the things I wanted done on the show floor that day, knowing that the rest of the weekend would have been absolutely ridiculous.

 Found out that the speaker's pass was a 4-day pass. I was mindblown. Since when did this happen? Maybe I'm getting old and thinking of Otakon but... I swore not too long ago, speakers were only getting one day passes and stuff o__O but anyways, I was pretty set for the rest of the weekend.... and I ended up selling my pass for Sunday entrance to get money for my Guyana trip.

 My outfit on Thursday~

 Square Enix booth.
Merch-wise, there has never been so many things that I've wanted before. dem Lightning and Serah figures. dem FF plushies. Especially the FF Theatrhythm mugs, oh my god.

There were barely any games and things that I wanted to look at but..


Played the Tomb Raider demo~ the graphics are pretty damn nice, I think I could get used to it~ I might just get it. Square Enix pretty much outdid themselves by absorbing Eidos and taking on this 'prologue/beginning' story for Lara Croft. I'm actually pretty satisfied by her not-ridiculously-sized tits and her overall character design.

Tia on Thursday~

I was chilling with Susan the rest of the day, where we basically roamed around the show floor, locating the h.Naoto booth, 8bit&Up, etc. I ran into my ladies Nikki and Laura modeling at the Necomimi booth, but I didn't think to take pictures of them ; w; and after a long wait, I finally got my Prisila hair pieces (see previous entry)

Nothing was too out of the ordinary, with the exception of this one booth blasting Gangnam Style. Come to find out it was a booth for this 2D to 3D convertor and Jesus Christ, it was so cool. 3D Gangnam Style. 3D Halo. 3D ASSASSIN'S CREED LINEAGE MOVIE. I was dying.

The converter reminded me of the old 'switch boxes' or whatever, the things you bought to hook up multiple game consoles and crap to the TV without having to constantly pull out the image input cords and mess up the jacks in the process.. it basically translates anything on the monitor to 3D image, and it had modes like 3D with glasses, or without, 3D from afar or relatively close... it was so cool... ; A; I'd totally get that crap too.

When we came and left, Susan kept passing by the Tiger & Bunny merch and dying at the light-up action figure displays. Her body wanted it. But her wallet could handle it... the figures were $300.


We spotted this ghetto Sailor Moon knockoff plush. When you see it, you'll lol

Saturday I actually arrived pretty late. The only thing I was really looking forward to the whole weekend was getting my Final Fantasy 9 artbook signed by Yoshitaka Amano. I had that book since I was a little kid and I was always gushing at Amano's work since. He came to the late New York Anime Fest back in 2008, but since I was volunteer-modeling for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. So this year I figured that I would take the chance to actually push to get his autograph...

until a friend told me that people were camping outside the con since before 2am. Are you freaking kidding me?

I was going to get to the con at sunrise to get the autograph ticket to meet him, but I was NOT going to sit out in 30-degree weather in the earliest parts of the morning! It was so disappointing, I wish I was able to take the earlier opportunity and not having to cry about it now .____.

So after hearing that, I decided to just take my sweet time getting to the con... which I didn't get to until like 7pm. I was glad because a lot of the people were clearing out since the show floor was closing, so there wasn't as much crowd inside the convention center.

Decided to just go 'simple' and went out in Little Bears Cafe. I tried to make this curly bun style but it kept falling apart as I was walking around. It was really frustrating and I was basically having these epic battles with my weave, trying to keep it pinned together. At the end of the night though, I saw it fell apart AGAIN. I just hope they looked okay in pictures ; 3; These pictures were when I got home from the con when I put them back up and together again with my Prisila pieces...

When I got there, I found my girls, chilled for like an hour, and then it was time for our "Lolita Behind the Frills" panel.

We took a different route than the usual "Lolita 101" type panels and talked about Lolita in terms of communities and myths about the lifestyle and how to go about communicating and becoming acquainted with people in meetups and stuff like that. It was a surprisingly good turnout, barely anyone left during the panel, and people actually seemed to enjoy what we talked about! Especially with our (sometimes profane) jokes and conversations. It was pretty satisfying.

Since I pretty much gave up on everything as far as the rest of the con, I didn't pay attention to the fact that Moyoco Anno was here this year and was having an autograph session TODAY (Sunday)... so I missed out on yet another person D; bloo


Nothing much as far as con swag. Yoshitaka Amano FF poster, which I'm glad I was able to get (even though it would've been better to get it signed..  ; w;), TRUTH t-shirt, AC blow-up tomahawk (not shown), the con program and stuff, etc. Paypal had a booth and they gave out candy and things like that. I was actually making jokes about that. They had these hot booth people, had them wear logo printed loafers, give out free candy and a bag (if you had a smartphone) but their service continues to be complete crap. Yeah, ok xD

Susan gave me this Keith keychain that I attached to my camera ; A; #teamsexybrows
I was never a real fan of Tiger & Bunny (I haven't watched past Episode 10 yet..), but I'm all about Keith/Sky High. I don't care about his dorkiness or his inability to get chicks. HE CAN HAS ME ANYTIME

This t-shirt... TRUTH was there giving out these t-shirts and had some interactive stuff that I didn't bother touching, so I'm not at all sure if this is a real game, or just something they made up for a new campaign... but they gave out this t-shirt which is okay looking. The real front of the shirt (above)  is what's shown at first, with the cute cherry creature (below) on the back, but then you flip it inside out...

and there's the same cherry creature looking demonic as all hell. BIG BAG OF #NOPE'S

Overall Comic Con this year didn't seem too interesting... Square Enix didn't have too much to show off. Ubisoft was being cheap this year, lines and crowds were ridiculous, I don't think there was a Rockstar booth... unless I completely missed it. Didn't see Draco Malfoy (rather, didn't want to pay $40), didn't get to see Yoshitaka Amano or Mayoco, bloo. And literally had 10 dollars to my name, so I couldn't get anything period ; w; I'm glad I went though, got to chill with my peeps, and definitely glad I got to go on Thursday, otherwise I would've been exhausted and irritated for the rest of the weekend.. Dunno if I'd be back next year. Maybe I will, and then I'll do the same as I did this year and sell off my badge for part of the weekend... >w>


Amani said...

Damn I'm super jelly! I wanted to go to NYCC. You looked like you had fun and LBC looks AHDORABLE on you! <333 and omfg that knockoff sailor moon plush asjdklas

Amani said...

 girl, who are you :| where are you from, and why are you so cute. I was here trying to find your location and all you have is "the internet". I knowww that's a lieeeeeee

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