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Friday, October 12, 2012

3 more days...

I didn't make good use of this week at ALL. It's such a struggle to really focus and concentrate-- I think the hardest part for me is bouncing between three different design concepts... my mind is getting all scrambled and I can't seem to just pull out the elements that I want to...

Today (Thursday) I went to what I'd call 'Day 0' of NY Comic Con. I had to meet up with my teacher who hooked me and my friends up with discounted 4-day passes, so I decided to take that time to look around, play the demos I wanted to play before the craziness that would ensue over the course of the weekend.

I also decided to get my speaker's pass, to just make it easier for myself...
Which was a weekend pass???

NYCC/NYAF was always going back and forth on the passes for panelists and whatnot. I remember at some point in time they gave panelists only one-day passes.. now it's a whole 4-day weekend? @ w@ I don't even

So with that... I'm perfectly capable of attending NYCC all 4 days.. but because of school, I'm not going to do that. It's pretty depressing. That, and the fact that I literally have like 5 dollars to my name at the moment! I can barely feed myself.. I don't even think I have enough trainfare to go back and forth over the whole weekend. .___. so I'm not going to try.

I'll be at the convention all Saturday, hopefully getting all my panels in and whatnot... but Friday and Sunday and Monday will be "busting ass" days, getting together the last of my work and just submitting it, no matter how crappy.

I was never good with deadlines...


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