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Saturday, September 29, 2012
I dressed up yesterday to participate in a little style challenge~

I've been wanting to get this sheer top from Rainbow's for the longest time. It reminded me a lot of the vertical striped tops that were in style for the past year in gal mags, so I had to snatch it up. I'm probably going to find nicer buttons to replace it with, and quick-stitch it to be a rolled-up sleeve. They had other types.. in other colors... kind of tempted to get a red x black striped one next. I also need to get a regular black miniskirt or fitted shorts ; o;

I wish my legs looked this good all the time >w> hopefully whatever corrective work I need to do helps it... e _e Hoping to get a belt to custom it DIA-style to go with this one day~ also a prettier top for underneath.

 I plan to get my hair trimmed and layered again, once I get a touch-up sometime in Oct/Nov. Better styling and all that = u= Also, my Prisila pieces from Taobao are on their way so soon I'll have fun experimenting with those. I love the way I look in these photos though~


Amani said...

You're just too cute for words! And those legs! You go girl haha.

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