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Saturday, August 25, 2012

NYC Awkward Black Girl screening~ 8/9/12

Lately I've been using orange-toned matte eyeshadow as a blush and playing around with that look. Too bad it immediately melts into my skin, even if I use primer or a setting spray. I was tempted to buy the Illamasqua blush I've always wanted when I was shopping for my sis's wedding, but I tried wearing it once and it didn't last at all :c I need to play around with setting and finishing products before I get it.

Anyways, not long after Otakon was done, did I go to yet -another- event. Awkward Black Girl screening (#2?)

If you've seen my old post from the beginning of the year, I went to an ABG screening party for my birthday and got to meet Madison Shockley. When news broke about there being a second NYC screening and an afterparty, I knew I had to attend again. I brought my favorite hoe Rio as my +1 and we had a good time.

The line for the screening was ridiculously long, wrapping around the AMC Magic Johnson's 3 (or was it 4?) floors and then down 124th street. It was crazy ridiculous. Luckily I found a friend of mine near the beginning of the line and I hopped on right there e____e the screening room was pretty small too, I can't really imagine how many people were turned away.

Things were running late, as always, by maybe an hour or so, and there was an unwanted guest in the room scattering around which freaked most people out, but once everyone was situated, Issa Rae came out with Pharrell, which was a huge surprise. Issa we all expected-- but Pharrell? Everyone freaked. Seeing him the best I could in person (I was all the way in the back of the room though), I'm pretty sure he found the fountain of youth. And he needs to share some of that with me. There's no way that bro is almost 40.

You can see when they came out to greet us in this video was was uploaded to Pharrell's I Am Other youtube channel:

Soon enough, the screening started. I was honestly hoping that the screening would've been the entire Season 1 and so far of Season 2 but it was only the newest released episode. (You can watch it here.) The last screening they tried to play Season 1 but there were technical derps, and after the lateness and the wait this time I expected them to play all the episodes. But it was alright! It was enjoyable, even though the audio was flooded out by people's reactions.

After the screening there was a quick Q&A session, and I managed to get picked out by Issa, where I basically asked about future projects. She recently started a series called 'Rachetpiece Theatre' on her main youtube channel, where she makes reviews of terribad ratchet songs made by our favorite hoodboogers. Once everything ended there was a quick photo session outside with Issa Rae (by then Pharrell had already bounced, bloo), so me and Rio went ahead and got our photo taken with her.

She said in response, "ya'll making me feel all weird with your model posing and stuff~" Rio wanted to make a joke about us trying to be all 'kawaii niggas and shyt~' (her words, not mine!) but she held back xD
Issa was so nice in person, I'm so glad I finally got the chance to meet her. The actress that played her mother in the series was at the screening too! But I didn't try to get a photo with her. Kind of wish I did now D: Hopefully I'll get a chance to see them all again~

Once we had our picture taken we went across the street to the Aloft Hotel, where the afterparty was being thrown by Madison. It was a pretty nice lounge event, and I'm glad it was limited space compared to last time. The night ended up being very chill and relaxing.

I decided to get myself a drink (completely regretting the food at the movies, what food I could've gotten with that money!), and got this pomegranate margarita which tasted so good. It has the perfect tangy and sweet taste. I wish I was able to get another!

There were some guys playing pool in one of the corners of the lounge, and they taught me and Rio how to play the game. We both had the idea of how the game worked, we just never played it before! So we tag-teamed for a bit until we got the hang of it, and played a game or two by ourselves.

The both of us tuckered out and pretty much ready to go home, I went to greet Madison before we left, and to get a picture with him again.

When Rio was trying to snap a photo, some guy kind of tried to go around her and she made one of our usual derpy faces and me and Madison started cracking up. I was almost in tears. That's how you know it was time for me to go to sleep xD After we said goodnight, me and Rio made our way to the train...

Oily faces like woah. lol ughughugh

Overall, I had a blast. I thank Issa Rae, Madison and the other ABG & I Am Other crew for putting that day together. The screening was actually like a mini-reunion for me... I met people from middle school there, and high school... and friends of friends... it was pretty crazy. The Aloft Hotel was a pretty nice spot for the small afterparty, and I'm definitely going there again one day to feel around a bit more with friends!


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