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Monday, August 20, 2012

Long Overdue Otakon post

Almost a month later xD

Otakon this year was pretty good. Super busy with my friend's booth, and knowing how Inner Harbor is after 8pm, not much to do :c No panels or anything this year, either. Nothing seemed very interesting... besides the cosplay, of course.

The best part was being able to be covered in 100 alpacas..

and then wearing the maid costume we had to wear for the booth.

I actually didn't wear lolita -at all- this time around, even though I had an outfit just in case. Just had no time for it.

Me with one of h.Naoto mascots~ I really don't follow h.Naoto to know whether this is Hangry or Angry xD

Friday night our friend Ariel (miyu_sakura on LJ, ex-mod of EGL) met us at our hotel after she got off of work and so me, her, Alek and Susan chilled in the bar area with Chinese takeout and drinks and talked for hours. It was hilarious. We went from old EGL, new EGL, local comms, Ariel's old college stories, retarded stuff like the whole tumblr 'activism' or whatever.. and things like trans-ethnicity and at the end of the night we were basically all in tears. It was such a good talk ; A; can't wait to hang out with her again

Saturday evening I managed to meet Miyabi in person for the first time. Holy crap, she was so tiny xD I was able to put my hands around her thighs, it was amazing. She was staying in the Radisson like me, so she just stopped down before she went out with her friends and got drunk..

before I decided that pinning my wig up was retarded.

I met up with my bby Laura after the Masquerade and went to the liquor store and got some beer and stuff, and headed back to her hotel. Yanise came and stopped by after maid cafe stuff with some booze of her own, and we were drinking for a bit. In the hotel Laura stayed at they had doors leading to the next room over (for those who try to book two rooms together), and so we were hearing the neighbors through the doors... playing Final Fantasy music or something. Or no! Chrono Cross xD We decided to act stupid and start knocking on their door to open up, and sending notes under their door xDDD It was pretty funny, I made a drinking game off of it too. At some point Yanise left to meet with her friends, and he group next door was about to leave off for the convention too. They knocked on Laura's front door and when she opened it.. you just see a big hand grabbing the corners and keeping it from closing. Outside was two tallll guys who tried to act scary. We were jokingly going "We're gonna get raped DDD:"

After they had talked with us for a minute and left, me and Laura decided to check out the OtaRave since I've never been to a con rave before.

We ran into Yanise one more time, and then we ran into Miyabi.. who was sitting on the floor completely drunk xD She named Laura "the blue b*tch" and we were just laughing, especially when her friends came over and tried to get her to stand up.. but she was done. Completely done. She'd walk straight and then try to turn and then she would just drop.

We were in tears. We made our way to the rave, which was pretty live! I was surprised. I thought it would suck terribly but the crowd was pretty good. There were some funny groups like people doing street-fighter style dance-offs and crap like that. We made our way near the front for a bit and danced for a bit there ("danced" for me because I have no sense of rhythm whatsoever). Maybe 30-45 minutes later we made our way out to run into some of the NY lolis chilling around outside the rave area. After talking a bit I made my way back to the hotel since I didn't want to be out too late.

Sunday... was my first actual cosplay with Michiko, but I hope to redo it one day :c Since my circle lenses didn't come on time I wore my shades all day, plus before the con I was an idiot and re-cut my bangs so.. I wasn't completely satisfied with how I looked. Then to top it all off, my right knee got swelled with fluid again so... yeah .___.

I also had forgot my drawings at home, like an idiot which really killed me. I had my cousin go log onto my computer and resend files so I can reprint and redraw the rest of it.. but, I managed to redraw it well, and then I went to the con to meet up with my friend Nicole, who was my Atsuko.

While I was waiting for her I decided to get in character so I wouldn't be bored... and omg xDDD It was more fun than I thought. It was amazing. I really enjoyed myself during that time. And I had people recognize who I was because of it!

Once Nicole popped up, we headed over to the photoshoot suite and did a small photo shoot. It was kind of rushed since we both had to get back to work! I only liked a few of the pictures xD
My Jambo

Favorite picture of the two of us xD

I hated that my contouring barely showed up because of the lighting.. But, it was fun nonetheless. Afterwards I rushed all the way to the other side of the con, and worked until the booth was broken down and stuff..

In the evening, we headed a couple of blocks up to find some restaurant to eat at, and ran into this one place called Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar. We didn't bother with sushi, and went for their much cheaper tapas-type stuff instead. I personally had two servings of takoyaki, white rice, and strawberry soda, and shared a rose pork bun, gyoza and other stuff with the other girls. Overall, we had a good time.

Monday morning me and Susan ended up leaving on the same bus as Victoria (Parfait Doll), Dalin (La Vida Frills) and their friend back to NYC. My outfit for that day..


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