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Friday, August 24, 2012

July's Haul

Before I post any of my major updates from August, I want to share my haul for the month of July~

First off, I finally got my yukata from my friend's group order!
It was one of those 1980yen yukata/obi sets. It was a pretty good buy, but honestly it's cheap in quality compared to my yukata from Sweet Angel! If I had the choice to, I would've bought a similar one from there. But overall, this yukata is okay. I'm just glad that the print came out vibrant..

The gown I purchased for my sister's wedding. I just love the fabric itself, and the ruched details. It reminds me of a night sky..

When the wedding happened, this clutch was my accessory. Ashley Stewart! One of the sisters from my church actually bought this for me ; w; She said she was looking around and then she saw it, and all it's ruffly detail and said 'THAT'S so Amber!" and got it for me! I'm actually not too much of a bag person but it's so pretty, and I'm glad it went with my wedding outfit. I plan to put some winter coords together to match it, as well.

Betsey Johnson thigh highs~ they were only like, 7-9 dollars about? They have this dotted pattern that's really subtle and cute. I definitely plan to get most of the Betsey stuff left at Strawberry's >w>

I bought this bun off eBay (listing is here) because I just wanted to be lazy with my buns. I didn't want to stuff my hair with weave or tease my hair anymore so I got this. Man, does it work wonders. Seriously. I even use it to help fill out my hair when I have it in a ponytail style or something.

This dress I wore to the Shepherd Mother's birthday celebration~ I'm sure I posted about how much I -loathed- this dress at first... I whined to everyone how I don't like it, or it's boldness, or the general style... but now I wear it on a regular basis. I find it to be super cute now, and with my wigs and accessories I wear it very cutesy. Who would have thought.

My Ageha August issue. I was heavily tempted by the makeup bag that was included with it and man, I was not disappointed. I love it! It's actually a makeup bag from Liz Lisa, and it fits everything inside. All my makeup (believe it or not, I don't have that much!). Brushes, compacts, my perfume, lash case, my circle lens case and saline. EVERYTHING. and it still manages to have some space! I can't even..

More stuff from Strawberry's. I primarily got these for my Michiko cosplay... The green earrings I got by mistake because I bought them and later realized that Michiko's outfit had purple earrings, not green... I wasn't able to return them so I just bought a second pair instead. Might give them in a random giveaway because I know I won't ever wear them! Meanwhile I'm wearing the purple ones regularly @ w@ The shades are nice, but for some reason they're really hard for me to wear. They keep sliding to the tip of my nose...

My Otakon swag. Nothing but free stuff xD Posters from fellow vendors, doujins, postcards and Tiger and Bunny's KeithxIvan pins. Everything is sooo cute. Not too interested in the doujins though, so I'm planning to sell them at some point.

A closer look at the smaller items...

And last but not least, my long-awaited Max Pure greys from Kiwiberry1, that I didn't get in time for the con = w= I've been meaning to edit the video I made for them.. but I think I may redo it all over. These are probably the most uncomfortable EOS lenses I've ever had, which is pretty disappointing! But I'm giving them 2nd and 3rd chances before I determine if they're no good or not... they are cute, though.

That's pretty much it! I didn't get anything in the month of August, but I'm hoping to get some things from Taobao before I start preparing for my Guyana trip with my church. I'm waiting for the summer maxi dresses to go on clearance so I can have that wardrobe for my trip, without any hassle... let's hope that won't end up being too long of a wait.


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You have great taste, I want everything you bought!!!

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