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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Long Overdue Otakon Spam #2~ My Favorite Cosplays

This is a couple of my favorite cosplay from Otakon weekend~

There was a booth for Panty & Stocking... with an actual dancing pole and everything xD They were giving out free posters and I got myself two. There were different cosplayers doing Panty & Stocking's different outfits, and all of the ones I saw were good.

Angel costumes

Beach outfits

This oiran cosplayer stopped by our booth, or rather, I yelled after her from the other side of the path xD I was most fascinated by her kanzashi and stuff, which she got made herself. Hopefully she can help me get some lasercut ones as well :3

Hipster Ariel

I found one of the Princess Tiana cosplayers walking around..

Yaya Han in her Chun-Li cosplay

Zelda cosplays

There were so many Korra cosplayers.. it was a bit ridiculous xD So I only took this one shot of Mako and Amon.

Basically all of my childhood

And omg... this little girl. So many feels. I wanted to just snatch her up and take her home ; w;

lol my boo Alex. Gotta go fast

My bby Laura with her Sherlock cosplay. I may be a bit biased, but she was the best Irene out of everyone who showed up at the Sherlock group shoot. I let her borrow my Victoria's Secret bra and I think it definitely helped xD She was the only one who captured the character though.

Rococo dress~ because I'm crazy over Rococo. It makes me think to wear my own Rococo dress next time, when I don't have anything else going on cosplay-wise.

I dunno if this was an original design or not, but I was like fff dem wings

Mai cosplayer. I had to really question her because I swore she was all bare on her legs.. but nope, she said she was wearing pantyhose and a thong xD I need to find pantyhose that matches my skin well like that.

Then last but not least, all my favorite Final Fantasy cosplays that I ran into ; oooo;

This was the first and best Freya (FF9) that I've ever seen in person, hands down. I don't think anyone else can really compare.

Wakka and Tidus (FF10). I've seen this Wakka on tumblr before, so I was so excited to actually see him in person. So hottt

This guy is probably the only good looking, male Balthier (FF12) cosplayer on the East Coast. It's so hard to find a guy that looks close to the character, with a good costume...
I wish he'd come to NYCC or something, but apparently he only really goes to Anime Boston and stuff :c Maybe one day I'll make my way to Anime Boston for once. I'd really like to do a cosplay pairing if possible. Like I'm really aching for it.

And last but not least, these Shiva twin (FF13) cosplayers took my breath away. Too good. TOO GOOD. I seriously can't imagine the work that was put into all of that.


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