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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today (well, yesterday) I turned 22!
And boyyy was my weekend a blast.

Friday I went to a screening party for Awkward Black Girl (if you haven't seen it then you must, it's hilarious) at Studio Twenty One in the city. It was such a good way to start off the weekend, having met Madison T. Shockley III, the actor who plays the character Fred.

The DJ booth

Boy, is he so cute irl ; ~; so enamoured. He was really sweet and nice to talk to, very welcoming and well-spoken. I'm glad ABG took the opportunity to make that event.

Ended up getting this cocktail... grapefruit-something with coconut rum. It was okay.

They were supposed to show the first 7 episodes to the series.. but computer/youtube derping ended up changing plans, and there was a Q&A afterwards. Very well-thought questions concerning the way black people are portrayed in mainstream media, and what the future plans were for ABG as far as possibly becoming a network series and stuff. Another girl had him show his skills on the guitar she brought, and performed something he had actually made himself. Of course I had to be the last one asking "A day in the life of Madison", playfully trying to get more casual and seeing what he does other than work lol. Didn't work as well as I thought. But at least I didn't ask 'boxers or briefs" though I'm sure he probably expected it from someone at some point xD I have video of most of the Q&A, maybe I'll put them into a video on youtube or something.

Him and another ABG fan

Me and him ; ~;

As soon as the Q&A was over I left after talking to him for a bit, because I had my Xbox harddrive on me and I wanted to play some games at 8Bit & Up... which I ended up doing till 1 in the morning. At least I finally beat Catherine?

Saturday I ended up meeting with a bunch of close loli friends, and after trekking for a while from Union Sq to Big Gay, we finally went to the bar place of my dreams, Dove Parlor.

The place was so gorgeous. A romantic setting with nice, soft seating and gorgeous velvet-y walls... I seriously did not want to leave. It's like a romantic tea place, except instead of tea you have cocktails and wine with the food.

The thing I loved about this place is that the servings were made for multiple people. We went for a cheese platter and a tea sandwich platter, both were ridiculously good. I've never really had an interest in cheeses too much, but after this time I'd definitely would do cheese tasting one day.

The cheese platter, and everyone telling me to go die for not taking the picture clearly (and making them wait xD)

Clear photo~

I only have a photo of the cheese platter, but everything on it was so delicious. We ended up getting Brie, Mt. Vikos Manouri, Cabra Romero, and Sartori Stravecchio. Fresh breads, olives, marcona almonds, Kadota figs, sliced fuji apples, apricots and fruit preserves went along with it.

Everything was ridiculously good. I cannot stress it enough.

The cocktails were pricey, but they were well worth it. Each one (most of us got different ones and tried each other's) were well mixed, with a good amount of alcohol in them. We all agreed that we much rather pay 11 for a glass of their cocktails, rather than other places that are just as pricey (7-9) whose cocktails basically tasted like juice and sprite. And everything was strong enough to get even the heavy drinkers drunk after 2 cocktails xD

Laura's French Lavender and her bf's Green Fairy

Chris's French Lavender and Nancy's Cherry Tart.. which tasted like a pop tart, xD

I ended up having their "Spiced Peach Cobbler"... which, like all my friends said, tasted like 'the South'. I took a while to take the first sip because when I had the drink close to me, I smelled the sweetness of the cinnamon that was floating on top. Mmmmm.

I also ended up having a Honey Dove later, which was good too. From then on out we ate, chilled, talked, and acted stupid (a.k.a. Nancy falling over Chris and I, trying to get some dollars bills I had sticking out my boob). Surprisingly we weren't disruptive, no one noticed lol

My friend Christine also made a birthday cheesecake for me ;_____; IT WAS TIE-DYE with pink and purple and a chocolate cake crust, and it shimmered from disco dust on it. It was so damn good and everyone loved it.

Once we did finally leave the place, we went to Laura's boyfriend's house and chilled there watching My Little Pony videos. I can never get into the fandom xD lol

A bit of camwhoring once I got home. I wanted to dress nice but comfortable, so liquid leggings + top/onepiece with my black ankle boots and gold accessories.

Then today, I woke up -in time- for morning service at church and went to church for the whole day, where I finally took the 'Right Hand of Fellowship', officially joining the church as a member. Apparently I should've told them it was my birthday too so they can sing and celebrate, but I was done with celebrating by then lol. It was nice to get all the well wishes I did, especially all the ones I gotten on my Facebook page. I was cracking up because of the silly crap that some people were calling me... "frilly niglet" "milk choklit", etc... I love my friends.

Later on, I made a video to myself...

I basically congratulated myself on turning 22, and I talked about things in the past and how my life's changed. I noted the things I wanted to get done during this year, the travelling goals and the developments I wanted to make in myself, and then I spoke a prayer to myself. Now it's on my computer, and when it's my 23rd birthday next year, I'll go back to that and watch it and see how much of a change I've done.

I was always interested in making a little 'capsule' for myself, making letters to encourage me in the future and etc., but we never really did things like that in my school so I never really thought of it. I'll probably also make a letter to myself and hide it in my room until next year as well.

I am so thankful and I praise God for giving me these 22 years, and I have so many goals for the year and I'm glad I actually have a goal-fulfilling mindset. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for me.


Amani said...

HAPPY (UBER-BELATED) BIRTHDAY!  (Damn my aversion to FaceBook and Blogger--- I didn't even know! DD: )

And whaaaat? Dem cocktailz. Unf. They all sound so tasty-- even from their names alone. xD (Unrelated, but classy me tried a White Russian tonight for the first time. <33 Nom nom nom~. Who needs mudslides or pina coladas at that point? Haha.)

But yeah-- CONGRATS ON BECOMING AN OFFISH MEMBER OF YOUR CHUUURCCHHHH!  o:  I've been a member of mine since I can remember, so I can't imagine how cool it is for someone with such keen interest in the faith to get to that point. <3

Your little capsule idea's pretty cute. (My school also never did anything like that...)

Also, QURL, HOW DO YO ALWAYS LOOK AMAZINGLY PERFECT, in terms of coord, hair, make, etc. (Also, SO not obvious I've an obsession with gal, what with throwing around 'coord' and 'make' for no real reason. xD)

Discombobulated comment (more than usual, anyway)? I may still be a bit buzzed. >.> Shhhhh~.

Amani said...

My God, yes. xD I actually never had a White Russian before, but when the other girls tasted the Honey Dove they disliked it because it reminded them of the White Russian (they don't like milky-like cocktails) 

Whenever you come back to the city, if you come back to the city YOU NEED. TO LET ME KNOW. So we can hang out and stuff <3 and I'll take you here and it will be awesome xD

I actually have a skit to perform this Friday for the church's Women's day service thing... Gonna do a monologue of a convo between myself and a homosexual friend. The point of the skit is basically to show reasons why a person would kind of not try and come to God, so I'm using a homosexual as an example since obviously there's a huge issue with the way society treats them, based on the word of God, where they're either condemned, or God is forced on them to the point where they wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole.

At first I was kind of nervous about it, because I was afraid it was gonna be too strong or controversial, but I talked to my Pastor and his wife (who's in charge) today and they pretty much liked the idea and sees my concern and sees the issue in the church about it, touched and agreed with me and gave me the OK to do it. So now I'm really confident and excited to get on that c: I'm praying on it and trying to write the script down and make sure the wording is correct and stuff right now lol

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