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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Long Overdue Otakon Spam #1~ Lolitas

lol deadmau5loli

To bring everything up to speed~ (mainly black) lolita spam.

My first time at Otakon last year absolutely killed me. I jokingly call Otakon 'brackroricon' because I have honestly never seen so many black lolitas in one spot in my life. Seeing all the outfits and stuff last year was absolutely mind-blowing to me. It gave me hope that there are other cute black girls out there who can whip up a wicked outfit. Just skdabhsdjsbd shbdjs

This year I seemed more occupied with work than ever, and I wish I had the opportunity to really get to know everyone~ welp! There's always next year.

(going by some of their tumblr names)


BaltimorePrincess's outfits~

DelightfulCharm's outfit


liliesinmycereal and her AMAZING outfit. When I first saw her, her katamari sweater caught my eye.. and then I looked down at her shoes like DAJKSDBNSHNDSJKDB DJASDKBASOMGGGG FKKIN SDHJ. She had painted her RHS shoes lilac, and then deco'd them. I LOVED it.

I wish this photo wasn't blurred, but I LOVED this girl and her fro. It was just perfect. Not a kink out of place. I don't know how she did it.

I decided to take a picture of this girl because I felt that maybe she had potential. She was surprised I even asked her for a photo and she seemed really happy about it.

I loved this chick and how she wore her Alice & The Pirates so casually. It came together so well!

And then I had to take these photos because I thought they were so badass.

My friend Tia's hair was just so. ridunkulous. I really want to try and copy this one day xD seriously.

I know this girl was doing her own thing, apparently she's a loli but this ero-ish outfit was a.mazing. She deco'd all the stuff, all on her own, and I want every bit of it.

Another NYC loli, Ani in another amazing outfit.

There were times where I didn't have my camera and I regret them sooooso bad. These girls and other girls had so many nice outfits and I couldn't catch them ; w;


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