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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mitsuwa Summer Festival 2012

Two weeks ago was that time again~

I look forward to the Mitsuwa summer festival because it's pretty much the only Japanese festival in the area that's not tainted with a bunch of pop-culture and anime crap. Sakura Matsuri's gone now... the NY street festivals are lame... but not Mitsuwa! They have the traditional festival games, taiko drums every hour, Japanese dance, bon-odori at the end of the night.. along with all the glorious food-- okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba, curry rice, gyoza, grilled seafood, the list goes on and on. I love it. It's the only thing I consider it the only thing worthy enough to travel to NJ to LOL

Outfit shot!

I shared the yukata I bought for it in my latest July post.. however I rather than wearing it alone, I decided to wear it LAYERED with another one of my yukatas... as weird as it seems, I liked how it came out altogether. Maybe one day I can get the undershirt with the mock-yukata to show through from underneath... luckily it wasn't all that hot that day.

I kind of wish I went all out like when I tested this outfit a month or so ago, but my makeup came out well in other pictures so I'm satisfied nonetheless xD Another reason why I wished I didn't cut my bangs? I would've had a bigger pompadour and my hairstyle would've looked more boss. Oh well!

I met up with Rio in the afternoon, so I missed my Ageha sales ; w; but that's okay. Next year...
We met at Port Authority and got to Mitsuwa around 3pm~

They hiked the price of the games up by another dollar, I was pretty tight. I didn't pay $3 per round to get my yoyo balloons like I usually do :c totally not worth it. We ran into NJ lolis and chatted for a bit, before going to get some grub. Okonomiyaki and yakisobaaaa. I wish I remembered to get pictures..


We ate, ate and ate some more. I actually ate till my stomach hurt x__x it was pretty awesome haha. We got a lot of photo requests, and a lot of creepy men as well.. it was pretty annoying. It's one thing to compliment, a completely other thing to ask what area I live and what school I go to, etc. e_e

A picture of us with Yanise and Laura in their own yukata :3

But overall, it was pretty chill! We hung around a bit talking and everything, stayed till late to finally watch the bon-odori dance for the first time. Before I left I bought some creamyaki and the uh.. taiyaki that wasn't fish-shaped (it was named differently, I forgot what it was called xD)

Shot of Rio, myself, and my loli friend Nicole in Port Authority. You could see the tired on our faces xD

One of the creamyaki~

I enjoyed myself as always, and I hope it'll stay just as exciting in the years to come.


Amani said...

Woaaah you got yukatas, awesome!
You and your friend looked very pretty! (*´ ∀ `*)!


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