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Monday, May 2, 2011

Brooklyn Botanical Garden + Sakura Matsuri

This past week after Easter was VERY good, In more ways than one lololo, but for now I'm just gonna get to the cherry blossoms. Sappy posts can come later.

First off, I thank God for the perfect weather this past week. That and all the cherry blossom trees in the esplanade part of the BBG didn't bloom -until- after Easter. By the time it hit Wednesday for our little photo shoot, the trees were nice and pink and filled with flowers @ w@ and then Sakura Matsuri it was just overflow of pink. It was gorgeous.

I don't have all the photos yet since my friend Sophie (her flickr) hasn't edited all of them yet since it's finals week for a lot of people. But I'mmm gonna post two of my favorite pictures for you guys :3

om nomnomnomnom

As you can see, I changed the hairstyle last minute. Later on when I did the same hairstyles in my last posts, the more I looked at myself, the more displease I was because of the lack of accessories. My flowers and whatnot, while they gave detail, made the hairdo seem lopsided almost, since they weren't similar sizes and whatnot, and when I tried to switch up the accessories it wasn't looking any better. So I decided to save that for another day/shoot. Hopefully with actual kanzashi or better crap in general xD This one I just swept my hair to the side and tried to do I little something with messy teased curls and whatnot. Figured that be better for a oiran look in a simple yukata.

Anyways~ I'll have more pictures when Sophie gets to them :3

Saturday was the actual Sakura Matsuri festival, and as always, it was crowded as hell. But compared to last year (which the smell of unwashed weeaboo ass wafted because of the heat), it was VERY nice. Cosplay, creepers, and tourist crowds aside, the weather was beautiful, slightly breezy but mostly sunny, and the cherry blossom trees looked even fuller than days before. It was really gorgeous. So we enjoyed ourselves for a good couple of hours before making our way to St. Mark's to eat and to have game time at the local game shop 8 Bit &Up.

camwhoring before I even got the rest of my makeup on...

Picspam below:

schooling Nancy on how to be an equally awesome cam-whore LOL

this girl was so adorbs. She's 4 years old, she came over to us with her dad's camera snapping photos xD

Strawberry sake slushhhh

At the end of the night I was too lazy to go home... so I stayed over with a bunch of friends.
Whoring in the morning~

om nom Laura's bunny bearrr

the choices of sweets for my breakfast * w*


Amani said...

Oh wow-- I think I like this hair even more than the original one. o: All those flowers its decked out with just make your whole outfit look more intense. <33

And duuudddee- you must be a ridiculously good hairstylist: it all looks so complex. Artfully messy and all that.

P.S. Do I see cheese danish in that sweets shot at the end? I will cut a dude for some danish. = 3=

Amani said...

Yeah, when I do updos like that, I don't even use a tie anymore like that xD I'm forever putting a million bobby pins in it. All it is is just twisting and pinning so that's why it looks like that xD

and yes @_@ cheese danishh

Amani said...

The yukata set is so gorgeous, really love the barefooted ones too~

Amani said...

So pretty! I love the kimono on you, the colors suit you beautifully! It was great to meet you on Saturday at the meetup! :)

Amani said...

you too! <3

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