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Monday, May 9, 2011

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

One thing I cannot stand? NY health insurance.

Like seriously, why the fuck is my health insurance getting cut off every so often? It's ridiculous.

My insurance was supposed to last until August when I'd need to fill out the service continuation stuff... but apparently it got cut off on April 30th?? Come on!!

What pisses me off the most is that they never sent a notification of it being cut off or anything like that. I had a GYN appointment on Friday, and then I was going to travel to my primary care for my second Gardasil shot right afterwards. But because they cut off my shit without letting me know, I couldn't do any of that. Thank God Planned Parenthood doesn't try and charge if you don't cancel appointments within such-and-such hours... otherwise I'd be fucked out of 85 bucks I obviously didn't have :/

Like do they understand how expensive it is to travel back and forth for no reason? Being a jobless student = me being OCD and cramming several tasks into one day so I can take advantage of free transfers and stuff so I'll have extra money to get to my next class whenever.

they just had to wreck my wholeee flow up. Now I have to go visit this dude on Wednesday to apply again. I won't be able to go to my GYN until JUNE when my insurance is hopefully back on again, and the same for my shot :/ complete b.s., I swear.

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Amani said...

FFFFFFFFFFFF- ucking healthcare, man. :[ That sucks~~.

Generally, any kind of service being cut off suddenly is awfuk, but this is awful on a whole new level--- especially with the lack of notice.

I can see why you're so PO'd. :/

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