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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Week: The Aftermath...

I hope everyone had a good Easter last week ♥ It was also spring break for me, so not much worrying about school (though I DO need to get up on that = w=)

My outfit for Resurrection Sunday came out perfectly. I wish I had more pictures! I'll wear it some other time, maybe for an actual photo shoot or something, but for now, just a faceshot and a mirror pic xD

I'm serious when I say I -love- this outfit. I've never felt so princessy before, in my whole 4 years of wearing lolita! Every (good) picture I took I felt so gorgeous, like a southern belle and I just ahjbvsdasjh dfhsabvdswhdsdbsa. Yeah. LOL

Easter was good. Morning service got me started (though Bishop's voice is way too soothing.. fell asleep on the Word *yet again* = A=), then afterwards we went to this restaurant downtown Brooklyn (it was always meh... this time they were -really- off, but whatever) and then after that I went to Hezikiah Walker's concert/Resurrection service at the Brooklyn Mariott. It was pretty good! I never saw Hezikiah Walker in real life before, only some of his music (I'll admit, I'm not too much of a gospel head to keep up with people). He was an elder at Beulah back in the day, so I decided to go just to see how he's like. Didn't stay till the end though. I wonder how long that thing lasted...

Lookin fat in this photo for whatever reason = w=
L-->R, Patrice, Avian, ...? LOL, Jasmine, Ernasja, Mesha, myself

durpin with the kissy lipz with Ernasja lolo

Me and Jonathan!

Me and Mr. Troublefield :P

All in all, I'm happy that I went this year (ON TIME TOO!) and that I dropped so much on my outfit xD; I haven't felt so good in a long time. ♥

Review on my hat from Apatico coming up soon ♥


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