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Monday, May 23, 2011

So the Rapture is finally done and over with.

Thank God May 21st passed.

Thank God.

No one can understand how aggravated I was from the hype, everything was astronomically retarded.

When they first 'announced' it, I was on edge for the simple fact that I knew that 'radical evangelists' would take the streets and seriously shove that load of crap down people's throats... What got me even more pissed off is the fact that the media paid attention to it and fed the crap out of it, and reaching foreign shores it made a total mockery out of Christianity, mainly American Christians.

There were several articles on it, e.x. this one story that was in the NY Times... this one woman quit her job as a nurse to "sound the trumpets" of Christ's return (um.... I swore that was the angels' job...). She decided to try and force her children into passing out pamphlets with her, but they didn't want to. The parents (including the dad, who btw didn't quit his job) believed the Rapture was gonna come, the kids didn't. So then apparently in response the mother said to them "I'm sorry you three will be left behind while your dad and I met God and enjoy His kingdom."

Are you shitting me???? Why would you say that to your kids? Like so much for ministering!
I'm pretty sure they were high school students at least, because their one major concern out of all this? was if they'd be able to afford college after their mom decided to be a fucking dipshit.

The day after the 'Rapture', the radio was talking about some man in Long Island who spent 140 THOUSAND DOLLARS 'spreading the word'

His response afterwards? "I don't understand why it didn't happen--"


The main reason why I was so pissed over this whole thing was because it pretty much showed how gullible, and how lazy and misguided some of these 'Christians' are.
I'm not gonna judge them too much, but real faith comes from studying the unadulterated Word of God. How were you so quick to believe this guy's 'prophecy'? Ignoring the fact this dude did it at least twice before and failed?

Like, where is your faith now? Is it totally in the gutter because you failed to look back into the Bible?

I was nervous about the 'Rapture', not because I was afraid that it was gonna happen, but because I knew it was just gonna be an overflow of stupidity and epic fail. When I felt nervous I went back into the Bible and read the New Testament.

If people paid attention to these three things, and actually took the Word to heart, they wouldn't have lost so much time and energy, simpleminded people wouldn't have quit their jobs like fools:

1st - In Duetoronomy it said to not give heed to people who do divination/witchcraft, fortune-telling, reading of the stars etc.
2nd - Jesus said that at a certain point in time there would be false prophets, and people claiming to be Him
and 3rd- Jesus also said that no man shall know the day nor the hour of His coming, not even the Angels, only the Father.

And even in the Kings James version, in all it's Ye Olde English, did it plainly say these things.

Are people really that lazy to pick up the Bible and read? They prefer to listen to a preacher rather than actually taking the time to pick up a book?

I had to seriously this weekend for those who would be pushed away from God because of this, those (like the kids) that were really affected by it or will be affected by it because of other people's actions.. That and I prayed that He'd forgive the people who actually bought into this stuff and acted foolish over everything, as well as those who were being malicious like "lolChristians/Stupid Christians" and pretty much mocking the power of God. But seriously? stupid people are stupid, God. On both sides.

I'm just glad that the aftermath wasn't as loud as I thought it would be. I expected much more trolling but people seemed to have quieted down and got over it for the most part.

Now? For December 2012. I'm already preparing myself for the fail - w-


Amani said...

Wow. Can't believe the story about that nurse and her husband, what a bitch. I mean to your kids, REALLY??
There were all these reporter interviews, where I swear the followers preaching at people acted like brain washed zombies. "We don't think it won't happen. It will." 

Spirituality is such a beautiful thing, and it really sucks when something like that ends up the butt of a joke. I mean who was this guy anyway?

Definitely can't wait to see all the excitement that'll be buzzing when December comes near. Get your popcorn ready +_+

Amani said...

Personally I don't know who he is, but I know he's as phony as the one dude down in Florida..

that one pastor who burned the Qu'ran back in March-ish? That guy, according to his wiki, didn't finish his religious studies, went to Germany and opened his first church, before he made the one he pastors at in Florida. Later on he fled the country because people were talking crap about how he talked about himself for than God, and then he was being suspected of fraud and whatnot.

It blows my mind how people like that are getting the most media time dragging everyone else's image through the mud, over pastors who actually preach good word and are sincere people

Amani said...

Guh. The gullible are gullible: whomever they profess to pray to.  -_-''  It's kinda' sad, as several people apparently sold their homes and such. Yikes...

And OMG-- I've been jazzed about 2012 since my sophomore year of high school: that's when the 'goths' and 'intellectuals' found out about the 'prophecy'. It was a LOLfest when they'd go all SRS business and make an announcement during a random class, or lunch.

And it's still a lolfest to this very day. <33  I've heard I wear a particularly bemused expression when I listen to someone 'explain' it to me.  (If I decide to 'rebut', I'm usually pretty nice with pointing out the many fallacies to this next 'doomsday'.  Usually...)

Oh, and oddly enough, my church gave nooooo credence to this doomsday stuff: I didn't hear anybody talking about it, the pastor didn't mention it, etc. That was a relief...

Amani said...

Some of the people from my church were trololin over it like "Oh??? The rapture is this weekend? Looks like i have 3 days to straighten myself outLOL" and others were annoying like "SCRIPTURE-SCRIPTURE-SCRIPTURE js.kthx" But yeah, it was barely talked about otherwise

Amani said...

Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

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