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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Race to bikini-filled summer - w- ♥

So I was looking at this one halter-neck bikini from Victoria's Secret for the longest time...

since last year when it came to summer wear I was all for the bohemian look. Except with the natural/bohemian look, I wanted to also mix it with really bright and bold colors, I wanted it to look really ethnic, like Brazil or Persia or Morocco or something like that. I'm talking about bold batik prints, really warm earthy reds, GOLD as always (lovelovelovegold), turquoise, etc. Match that with shells, beads, wooden bangles, feathers? Heaven.

So I ordered with my friend Christine so I could take advantage of the $20 off code they gave me, plus the free shipping when both of our orders came to 100 dollars. Originally it was gonna be like $42 or 50 after shipping, but because of all that it came out to only $22. Badass. ♥

Besides that, last week I rearranged some of the crap in my room, throwing out old toy crap and whatnot, finally throwing away unused shoe boxes and etc. Now I can walk around my bed again. LOL

But other than that, I also found a bunch of old necklaces my mom gave me when she wasn't interested in them anymore. I'm glad I was such a hoarder when I was a kid xD

These are some of the ones I found. Shells, nice looking beads and whatnot... I have them hanging on my mirror so I don't forget them, I can't wait to take them and mix and match with my twopiece~

now the only things I wanna try and get? New sandals and more bangles and accessories. (Not to mention the Bombshell perfume, and the matching body shimmer powder >w>)

I've been looking at a lot of wedges lately, as well as platformed shoes with a faux cork heel, because as much as I love stiletto heels? They're the last thing I'd want to stroll on the boardwalk or something with. I want my high heels that I'll be more comfortable with. I want illusion of height, something that'll help accentuate my body, without the nerve-pinching and foot pain I tend to get.

e.x., as far as the heel, not the rest of the design:

the way the heel curves outwards intrigues me.
I want to actually try them on to see how they look though xD

ANYWAYS, other than getting my new bikini, I've also been trying to get a little more fit before I start going more bare this summer.

Well. Half-assing it, anyways xD

Talked to Christine about losing my extra blubber. I'm not too insecure with my body, I'm pretty happy with it, but at the moment I'm trying to lose the fat on the inner side of my legs, as well as making my gut suckable LOL

Before I used to suck it in, or at least was able to suck it in -until- I started binging on my lovely fatty foods from Nathan's and crap, but now I can't suck it in at all. It's pretty depressing xD; so I'm not trying to make myself have 4-6 pack abs but, I'd LOVE for it to be a bit flatter and less like cottage cheese xD

Really quick shooping comparison between now and what my goal is: (Slight NSFW, no real nudity but it might be something questionable to random passerby)

(mmmm dat liquify)


Christine suggested crunches and hip abductions. I've been doing the leg stuff for a good 2 weeks now, and already my legs are toning up! The outside though, not so much the inside of my legs. Hopefully that'll start toning up soon too, I'll probably look for another exercise in the meantime that concentrates in that specific area.

As far as crunches goes, I've actually been doing sit-ups xD It's really hard to work out in my home, especially with my bedroom having so little space that I just do everything on my bed. Crunches are like physically impossible for me on my bed, so I've been doing situps instead. I'm guessing that might be good enough? xD at least until I start up yoga again.

I like how my legs are turning out though, even if it's not hitting the spot that I want gone. I've been taking a few pictures of myself in different sized heels to note the difference in accentuation of my legs and whatnot, comparing them to old photos..

without shoes on. You kinda see the bit of meat between my legs that I want to get rid of. I don't even want like lol gap between my legs, like Aina from EGG or something. I just want my legs to look straight, they look bowlegged even though I'm not = w=

with like 2 inch heels? note how it's just like DUNK, then straight leg on the side - w-

Sometimes I dislike my butt because it starts up pretty high, and it's already enough that my torso is small compared to my long legs, but there's not much to do about that - A- besides, I'd rather have my butt over flatness/"more proportion"

You see the meatiness is less obvious in these 4inchish heels. This is why I prefer to break my neck than be convenient with flats when it comes to nice shoes. You can also see where my legs are starting to tone up at, around the bottom half of my upper leg. My calves have always been thick and muscular lol.

These I think are 3inchs, either 3-4 but they also have a small platform in the front so yeah.

My OTK boots, they're much more flattering on me than they were before, I think.

But yeah. Since it's only been two weeks and I'm starting to see progress, I'm confident that I'll be satisfied with whatever I end up getting by June 21st. So I can get my extensions and my shet and has lovely times on the beach with friends and crap



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