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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Gay Ice Cream~

If you haven't heard of Big Gay, you've clearly been missing out (or been living in a hole. aka out of NYC)

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck started running back in 2009, and is now a hit-sensation when it comes to mobile food trucks. They usually sit north of Union Square every day all afternoon, serving ice cream cones with eclectic toppings and fillings, e.x. dulce de leche, wasabi pea dust, cayenne pepper, etc.

I love BGICT, because the co-owner Doug loves me and loves to spoil the shit out of me, seriously. Last week me and my left boobie Laura decided to pop up at the ice cream truck twinning in our Bear Cafe dresses. She was suffering from allergies but we made sure that didn't stop us from going out and enjoying ourselves e___e

Me whorin' all up in Laura's dorm~

When we got there, Doug was just jizzing rainbows all over our cuteness. Luckily it saved me, LOL because he had me on a 'timer' saying that if I didn't see him by Thursday, he was gonna be mad lololo

At first I was gonna get my regular Salty Pimp, while Laura was gonna try the Bea Arthur, but after we tried a sampling of the wasabi ice cream we just knew we had to get that shet.

Since it's only crushed wasabi peas, and not the crazy shit you get with sushi, it wasn't at all as hot as we expected it, but the taste was definitely there and it was so good * w* definitely gonna get that shet again

Our outfitssss. nom I can't wait till Laura gets over her allergies, so she can wear her circle lenses and go all out ♥ We were also gonna shop for curly ponytails so we can match later with the big hair and whatnot.



Amani said...

You & are your twin're soooo friggin' cute~!  W-w-... wasabi ice cream??!  I don't know if I'm scared or jazzed about it. Haha. 

And duuude: I am sooo not a cool New Yorker, and have never heard of the BGIC. ;  3 ;   

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