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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kawaii International Ep #10

I didn't expect my image to pop up in the 10th Kawaii International Episode at all-- I had no knowledge of it until I suddenly got the e-mail from NHK the night before, asking me to support xD Like WUT WHAT'S GOING ON?

Since it was so last minute and I was booked that weekend, I missed the airing... I managed to catch the episode via Youtube, though it was all choppy stuff. But then Kawaii International was kind enough to send me a disc copy!

Everyone else who had watched it was telling me "omg you're gonna have feels amber" "there was this one shop girl that said something really sweet you're gonna cry", and I was sitting here like WHAT. So when I got a hold of the video I fast-forwarded right to that part.

(right-click and open in New Tab for full-size)

...Yeah, I almost cried. Though it was more of a shriek and dying inside - kind of cry, hah. But there was something so heartfelt about her comment towards me, it really made me feel really good. Like REALLY, really good.

When I first entered the contest I didn't like the outfit at all (I still don't LOL) but the fact that Ayano saw all these special little details in spite of it being a lolita dress blew my mind. I didn't like the shoes at the time (I've modded them since-- still didn't make a post about it yet = w=) but she still liked them and she payed attention to the little things like the nails and hair and they called it simplistically cute. And that landed me in 1st place. I remember screaming when I first heard from friends, and then when I saw it for myself.

So seeing someone, especially from outside the hime/lolita fashion complimenting me and my makeup and stuff makes me feel so good. It's not even like "omglol nipponpplz called me kawaii", but having them see my look and compliment it and point out the little details... it's a really good feeling, especially for the bit of extra elbow grease I'd have to give out to dress up due to importing and being taller and thicker than what the brands' market's norm is.

I have no doubt in my mind that one day it'll happen again. And I can't wait. ♥


Amani said...

I SAW THAT!! It was so cute and sweet *u*

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