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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hanami Season 1

I find it a blessing that nowadays you can enjoy iconic events and things from all over the world. Hanami season has always been a favorite part of spring since my weaboo days in high school. Back then it was always about it simply being Japanese and often seen in anime and stuff like that, but as I got older I started to enjoy the actual beauty of the cherry blossoms, and all flowering trees similar to it. I don't know if I'll ever be a serious horticulturist, but growing up with my mom who always had a green thumb, I wouldn't be surprised.

I was lucky enough to see most of the trees in almost every blooming stage, which made them more fascinating to me. This specific set of photos were from a lolita meet I had a week before Brooklyn's Botanical Garden's Sakura Matsuri.

Ignore the tiredness on my face. I'm pretty sure I was up the night before so I look dead in most of my photos.

(click to zoom on any photo)

Very blurry photo, but I got stopped by a couple of little girls and despite my mood, it made me pretty happy. I'll probably speak on that in another journal post~

Blooms poking out from the base of the tree. It was interesting because I barely see that!

These were coming out of season, but the Japanese magnolias were so beautiful, and so scenty. What I would do for a room incense with that scent because it was seriously difficult to try and break away from that area.

Mary Alice checking out the blooms

 Me and the new-mommy Shavon 

Me and Yani

The group of ladies who joined me that day! 

After all the flower-watching we went and took a stroll to a local Japanese restaurant. No pictures there because... we pretty much killed that food.

Then Shavon brought us up the street to get some ice cream from Ample Hills... which was freaking amazing.
I never heard of this shop before but they're just as good as Big Gay Ice Cream. I'd say they're superior but BGIC and Ample Hills have different specialties. (unique toppings vs. unique ice cream concoctions, respectively)

I think Yani had gotten their famous 'Salty Crack Caramel'. Whatever flavor Mary Alice had must've tasted that good because she dripped some on her brand and didn't care at all LOL

Rena (in black) had gotten a cotton candy flavored cone, meanwhile I think I had their regular salty caramel with their pretzel cone. Too good.

I have so many more outings to BBG, coming in my next post~


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