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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hanami 2

More from BBG's hanami season~

This specific set was from a few days before their Sakura Matsuri weekend, when I was invited by a friend to dress up and take photos for press for that weekend.

BBG had tried to start this whole 'Parasol Society' thing, trying to usher lolitas into being part of the park's attraction. I personally don't like it at all, having stopped wearing lolita to BBG because of the harassment from photographers and other press for pictures and whatnot. Throughout the years they started going in harder and harder, making SM less of a time for picnic and comfort and just annoyance. Now that the Matsuri is turned into more like an outdoor con, and the BBG exploiting local lolitas to participate in 'parasol games' or cheap tea parties while being oogled by tourists like a petting zoo (with rising ticket prices every year and no sort of comp? No thanks.), I refuse to dress up and play into that. I only really went for this press shoot as a favor for a friend.

Anyways, enough of my ranting. You can see some of the press stuff here~ Gothamist, New York MetroParents, and I've heard I was seen on NY1 or something as well.

edit: Video from NY1:

More pictures under the cut~

Obligatory camwhoring~

Kind of sad that I busted the zipper on this dress.. now I got to get that repaired e_e

My bby Grace & Merry~

 LOL yeah...

Me and Petrina fusing DBGT style~ or trying to.

Photo cred. to Kitteh Pantsu for those last three~

These blooms were actually pretty special, I had to take a photo. The BBG staff suggested that we should seek these trees out, because unlike most of their trees which were pink and white, these bloomed green blossoms.

Green blossoms with pink centers. Pretty nice, right? I like the color a lot.

After we were done with our shoots and stuff, I changed into something nice and light-- my school outfit LOL

We later went back to Ample Hills for some more badass ice cream. This one I think was cafe au lait and cookies n cream with my favorite pretzel cone.

After going to the city and strolling around for a bit, I went and stopped down to 8 Bit & Up to chill for the rest of the evening. Besides dealing with retardedly awkward male customers who tried to tell me about my makeup and how I don't need it (seriously, is this some form of flirting to them? I don't understand.), my night was pretty enjoyable, with a really bad movie about ~Staten Island~ thugs, among other things, hah.


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