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Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Ageha

With my recent surprise paycheck, I decided to splurge a bit and get all the recent magazines I've missed~

Honestly I'm a bit irritated. As much as I like free gifts in magazines? I don't like getting them consecutively. And that seems to be the direction Ageha is going...

Because of that, I haven't been able to really afford to get them, because the gifts boosts the price of the mag from 15-16 to like 20 bucks which is ridiculous. I'm really seriously hating the currency right now!

But anyways, I'm glad I got them~ although now I'll have to hunt for July's  (or was it August?) issue because it's not in stores anymore..

October, November, December 2012 issues~

and the gift boxes that were inside >:3

and the gifties that were inside those boxes~ LOL

So October came with a CECIL MCBEE lash case~
November came with two pairs of lashes (it says "Dolly eye" (bottom) and "Fairy eye" (top). Not sure if this is from a specific brand.. edit: oh wait, it's from their own brand lash collection = A= duh)
and December came with another Liz Lisa makeup bag~

At first I was thinking of giving away the makeup bag because I mean I already had my Liz Lisa makeup bag from the other month this year~ but then I opened this one and gah, it has this silky sort of look to it and the print is sooo cute xD I couldn't help myself. It's much slimmer than the other makeup bag so I might use this as a 'camera' bag or I dunno, a 'glasses' bag for a bit to protect my things from sharp objects like my keys.

The lashes I think I'm definitely going to give away in my giveaway when I make it-- the lashes are cute, but they're shorter than the lashes I typically mess with on my face, so I don't think I'll get much use out of them. I can cut them up and glue them with other things if I wanted to, but eh... I don't think I'm in the mood for that. Especially when I still have my 15-16 pairs of different lashes from Taobao that I barely touch.

The lash case is nice, it's very simple, nothing very special, but I think I'll be putting it to use. The only thing I'll complain about is the little removable lash holder/mold thing being absolutely useless...


like the space in this thing can actually fit maybe 3-4 pairs of top lashes -in their mold thingies-, plus a tube of lash glue... but overall I still like it. I'll probably DIY the inside to have it's own section for top lashes, bottom lashes, lash glue, and maybe even circle lens. That's seriously how much it can probably hold. I probably will plan to deco it in the future, too~ it'll be super cute.

I know for God knows how long I've been meaning to do a seasonal fashion inspiration post. I always take pictures, edit the pictures, etc but I never end up actually making the post xD

Also planning to make another video next week~
One being a WIG review, on the half-wigs I get that I wear so often~ maybe from there also a review on my Prisila pieces, and maybe a bit of  styling experimenting along with that~ and maybe a makeup runthrough if I feel up to it...

 I'm thinking of making a "Get Ready W/ Me!" winter Lolita Day edition video but we'll see if I'm not too tired or lazy in the morning to do that xD Besides, my tripod is *still* missing and I want to find the thing before I make any future videos. So hopefully I find it and get it cracking!


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